Are you looking for an adult undergraduate degree program? Congratulations on taking the next step toward reaching your goals!

adult students listen in classThere’s a lot to consider when searching for the adult undergraduate degree program that’s the best fit for you. At Wingate University, our students enjoy the benefits of a program that’s tailored to non-traditional adult students as well as your specific needs.

Education Beyond the Classroom

Your learning experience is shaped in part by your peers. That’s why we are proud that our adult bachelor degree program serves one of the most diverse and motivated populations at Wingate University. You work alongside students from different educational and socioeconomic backgrounds, providing you with a broader worldview in addition to your degree. Our adult students earn their degrees for a variety of reasons, including personal and career goals, but one common factor unites them: Wingate University cares about helping each person realize their goals.

Working Knowledge

As an adult learner, you’re probably attending classes while juggling a full-time job and family responsibilities. We offer evening classes and a course schedule that rotates according to the needs of our students. Our program is designed to accommodate your schedule as you earn your Bachelor of Liberal Studies degree in human services or organizational communication and management.

Most students take classes two nights a week year-round so they earn their degrees in the shortest time possible. However, it’s important to note that this isn’t an accelerated degree program. Your degree is comparable to a traditional four-year program. It just follows a schedule that lets you achieve your goals in less time.

Small Classes Deliver Big Results

Our class sizes range from 8-30 students, so you get the individual attention you need to thrive in the program. This also means you really get to know your professors and classmates. These relationships don’t end at the classroom door. Our faculty and staff take pride in working with you as an individual; your schedules and concerns are our priority so you can achieve your goal of obtaining a degree. Many of our alumni forge valuable, lifelong connections with classmates. That’s why we say Wingate is more than a university: It’s a community.

Ready to Take That Step?

If you’re ready to make your dream a reality, apply to the adult degree program today. If you need more information about the program, review our FAQs or contact us today.

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