Master of Accounting

Why Choose the Master of Accounting?
Jobs in accounting are projected to remain plentiful and are available across the employment spectrum - from corporate and public accounting to government and non-profit agencies. Wingate University's master's degree in accounting provides a competitive advantage in the job market as more CPA firms tend to hire candidates with this advanced degree. Choose to work in careers such as auditing, tax, consulting or financial management.

The Wingate Advantage

Wingate University's Master's Degree in Accounting is designed for students who are interested in becoming a CPA. Whether you are an accounting major, business major or earned another degree, our program can provide the preparation you need to take the CPA exam and obtain the premier professional credential in the accounting field.


Wingate is one of the few small private universities in the Charlotte, N.C. area to offer a program that covers all of content areas needed for the exam, including a unique course on how to conduct the online research that is a part of the CPA exam.

The Wingate University Master of Accounting program allows students to attend full time or part time during the day, unlike many evening programs. Students are guaranteed the classes they need and are offered in a coordinated format. All faculty members work closely together to ensure the courses reinforce each other. If you are searching for a Charlotte Master of Accounting program, make sure to check out Wingate University.   

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