Exit Exam Overview


As you get close to graduating, you will be required to complete a graduation application in the semester prior to completing your final 18 or less requirements. One of the last academic requirements in your program of study is the completion of exit examinations. You may begin any exit exams required for your major(s) once you have received a grade for the required course(s) assessed by each exit exam. In your final semester, you will be required to complete all the exit examinations covering your major area of study. We will seek you out about set times to administer these exams here at our Ballantyne location.

The primary purpose of the exit exams is to assess students’ achievement in the general education courses and the courses in their major/minor area of study. Certainly students have already demonstrated a high level of proficiency through earning passing grades in these courses. Organizations that accredit college and universities, however, often require an additional demonstration of achievement through passing scores on objective examinations.

To accomplish this goal, the Wingate University faculty has developed questions representing the required courses in the majors. Some of the credits for these requirements may have been completed at another institution. The objective examinations assess knowledge one should have from the study of these subjects regardless of who taught the course or where the course was offered.

Major Exit Exams

(Human Services; Organizational Communication and Management)

Your exit exam will consist of your major courses. Students who major in Organizational Communication and Management will be required to take ten exit exams, which make up the 30 credits of this major. Human Services majors will be required to take twelve exit exams, which make up the 36 credits of this major. These exams are typically 20 questions, multiple choice; however, a few are short answer questions.


To earn a passing score, you need to answer 60 percent or more of the questions correctly. If your overall score is lower than 60%, a make up test will be constructed for only those courses in which your score was lower than 60 percent. You may wish to review notes from any course that was especially difficult for you and/or contact the professor of that course to schedule a review session.

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