1.       “I spent a lot of time researching the right fit...a degree that was meaningful to my career plans along with a schedule that was flexible and allowed me to complete my degree as quickly as possible…being able to pursue my education without taking out huge loans or having to pay a lot of money up front was also important...Wingate was the only program in the area available that met all my needs. However, I found so much more in Wingate... To say that they care is an understatement. They are engaged, communicative, and actually listen. It is a community, not just a place to attend school.”

Tripp Upton, Class of 2015


“As a single mom, Wingate University has allowed me to pursue my life goal of being a college graduate with their flexibility, easy access to campus, affordable program, and wonderful instructors.”

Aneiko Smith, Class of 2016


“I made the decision to return to college for two main reasons: to fulfill a personal dream of being a college graduate and to create professional opportunities for myself. My time at Wingate allowed me to achieve both of these goals! I enjoyed the interactive classes and sharing ideas with students who were attending as adults like me. Since I graduated, I have earned two promotions and increased my salary significantly. It was one of the best experiences of my life, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!”

Joanna Peters, Class of 2011


1.       “My lifelong dream and twenty year journey of completing my bachelor’s degree was finally realized in May 2014! After transferring from two schols prior to Wingate, my journey became an awesome adventure. My initial appointment with my advisor was streamlined and uncomplicated. My professors were knowledgeable, experienced, and respectful. My classmates have become lifelong friends.”

Monica Johnson, Class of 2014


The Enquirer-Journal -- April 19, 2012 -- "At 81, Leland Stephens Heads Back to School" by Carolyn Steeves
"It's never too late to finish your education. That's a lesson that Leland Stephens, 81, knows all too well. 'On the 50th anniversary of getting my associate's degree, I wanted to go back and finish the job'.


The Enquirer-Journal's Health & Wellness section -- Sept. 2, 2015 -- "Aging Students Find Flexible Schedules" by Carolyn Steeves
"She (Gina Scheller) said graduating will feel 'fantastic'...'It's going to be very satisfying because it's something that I had always regretted,' she said...'There's going to be a lot of satisfaction to getting it finished up.'"