"I am 39 years old and graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Human Services in December of 2009. As a 'non-conventional' student, I am grateful for the opportunity to attend Wingate and get my degree later in life.
The journey that got me to Wingate was quite a bumpy, curvy road. I wanted to attend Wingate when I was younger; it has always had a special place in my heart. I was unable to attend college when I was younger because I had an unplanned pregnancy. My daughter is now grown and I decided to pursue my dream of going back to school. I have been an interior decorator and thoroughly enjoyed my career but felt a calling to do something else. When I started at Wingate, I was so intimidated. I was unsure about what was ahead of me, but I was amazed at how helpful the staff was. My professors were amazing (even though I was older than some of them!).

My grandmother that I dearly loved graduated from Wingate around 70 years ago. I am the only member of my family to graduate from Wingate since she did. I am currently pursuing my master's degree and plan on becoming a licensed professional counselor in a few years. Without the education and confidence I gained at Wingate, along with the inspiration of my grandmother's accomplishments, I am not sure I could be doing what I do today."
~ Courtnay Aycock
    Monroe, NC
"It has become quickly evident that my classroom experiences have easily translated to usable skills in my daily real-world responsibilities."
~ Mark Brooks
   Matthews, NC

"The teachers and staff at Wingate Ballantyne (formerly Matthews) really care about me. I have been lucky enough to not only find an education here but a family as well."
~ Alan Davis
   Charlotte, NC

"The flexibility and encouragement I received from the administration, professors and my classmates made my time at Wingate Matthews Campus (now Ballantyne) a wonderful experience."
~ Kelly Rochelle
   Charlotte, NC
"Over the course of time I have spent at Wingate University I have taken several of Professor Kuo’s classes. I have found them to be very useful in everyday life application. The public speaking, interpersonal/intercultural communication classes were instrumental in teaching the student about the people we deal with and cultural differences we face. I am thankful to Professor Kuo for sharing her own cultural differences and beliefs with her classes. This is a testament of how Professor Kuo enhances the education of her students and provides real life experiences for them to draw understanding.

Professor Kuo’s expertise in journalism and television reporting are essential tools for teaching communication classes. Her public speaking class is one I will never forget. I use the techniques and concepts she taught in all of my classes now that require writing and delivering oral presentations. Had I not taken the public speaking class my writings may have been mundane, but now I can spice them up a bit from what I learned in her classes.

Professor Kuo is not the average instructor. She makes it easy for students to come and talk to her about life situations. I remember sharing with her after my mom had passed away how I was feeling about school. She shared with me how she dealt with her father’s death and that encouraged me to do better and push harder. Professor Kuo took the time to talk to me and listen to what I had to say. She was the only instructor I felt close enough to at the time to share my feelings. I never told her just how much that day outside the elevator meant to me but I hope that future students will find this information helpful if they are facing a personal issue. Wingate University made a good choice by hiring Professor Frances Kuo."
~ Robin H. Stitt
   Waxhaw, NC