EdD (doctoral) and EdS in School Superintendency

Wingate University offers two advanced degrees designed to prepare leaders for North Carolina public school systems.  The Wingate University Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership is a 63 credit hour program.  The Educational Specialist degree is a 48 credit hour program. The program is experiential and requires application of knowledge and skills obtained through varied experiences.  The program is based on clinical practice, problem solving and promoting institutional effectiveness in schools, school districts, and educational service agencies.

Program Purpose

Our graduates will assume positions as principals, superintendents, and central office administrators.  The program is directed to the preparation of practicing school leaders.  It is important to emphasize that the EdD in Educational Leadership at Wingate University leading to the superintendent certification will provide a means for candidates to gain content, knowledge, pedagogical and professional knowledge, skills and dispositions specified by the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium as well as the North Carolina Standards for Superintendents.

Cohort Experience

The Wingate University program in Educational Leadership emphasizes the development of Effective Facilitators of Learning, a goal which demands collaborative decision-making in diverse settings.  For this reason, the University has adopted a cohort model for the Ed
S and EdD programs.  This organizational plan encourages students to develop skills within a comfortable learning community that offers support and encouragement. As students develop their knowledge, engage in research, participate in class discussions, they develop support systems and professional relationships which may be helpful throughout their professional careers.

The EdS and EdD programs in Educational Leadership will lead to North Carolina licensure for the superintendency.  This program will be aligned with both national and state standards.
Comparison of EdS and EdD Requirements
  Education Specialist Education Doctorate
Credit hours required 48 63
Comprehensive Exam Required for completion Required for approval to begin action research and project
Leadership Portfolio Must be completed and evaluated in order to qualify for the comprehensive exam Must be completed and evaluated in order to qualify for the comprehensive exam
Capstone Project Not Required Required for completion
Demonstration of Clinical Practice Competencies Required Required
Educational Leadership Courses
EL7134 Educational Leadership: Theory and Practice
EL7127 Education Law, Policy and Ethics
EL 7211 Data Driven Leadership
EL7067 Curriculum and Instructional Leadership
EL 7189 Organizational Development and Change
ER7311 Measurement Techniques in Education
EL7151 Principals in the 21st Century
EL 7010 Information Management Systems
EL7512 Superintendents and Executive Leadership
EL7061 Systematic Inquiry and Decision Analysis
EL7109 Managing Human and Fiscal Resources
EL7095 Diversity and Global Development
EL7156 Comprehensive Planning and Program Evaluation
EL7032 Communications and Community Relations
EL7234 Economics and Education
ER7423 Research Design and Data Analysis
ER7433 Seminar in Professional Research and Publication
ER7950 Doctoral Capstone Project
Director: Dr. Christopher Cobitz