EdD Educational Leadership - Community College Executive Leadership

The Graduate Education Programs at Wingate University are based on a mission to prepare and sustain effective executive leaders for the 21st century. 
The University has offered an EdD in Educational Leadership with a focus on preparing individuals for executive leadership roles in PK-12 schools since 2008.

Program Purpose
Graduates will be prepared for positions as deans, vice presidents, and presidents in community colleges. The program is focused on the preparation of practicing college personnel. The program provides both the theoretical and practical applications needed for community college leaders.

Degree Requirements
The Wingate University Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership is a 63 credit hour program. The program is experiential and requires application of knowledge and skills obtained through varied experiences. The program is based on clinical practice, problem solving, and promoting institutional effectiveness in schools, school districts, and educational service agencies.

EdD Requirements

Credit hours required

Comprehensive Exam Required for approval to begin action research project
Leadership Portfolio Must be completed and evaluated in order to qualify for the comprehensive exam
Capstone Project Required for completion
Demonstration of Clinical Practice Competencies Required
Program of Study
The EdD is a three year program of study. Students take two courses during the fall and spring semester and three during the summer semester for the first two years. Year three is devoted to research courses and the doctoral Capstone Project. The program includes courses in a foundations core, research, and specialty courses in community college leadership.
Foundation Courses:
EL7134 Educational Leadership
EL7189 Organizational Development and change
EL7095 Diversity & Global Development
EL7010 Information Management Systems
EL7156 Comprehensive Planning & Program Evaluation
EL7211 Data Drive Leadership

Specialized Courses:
EL7128 Higher Education Law and Policy
This course provides a comprehensive review of legal structures, regulations, and case law concerning higher
education and develops a framework for analysis and decision making in higher education.

EL7312 Developing Effective Student Service Programs 
This course examines how effective practices and programs in student recruitment, admissions, financial aid, counseling, advising, registration,  and student activities and athletics impact student enrollment, retention and graduation.

EL7110 Managing Finance, Budget, and Facilities
This course examines business management functions as related to human resources, budgeting, educational
efficiency, observations/evaluations of teachers, and school personnel; examines relevant topics such as comprehensive human resources development plans, professional development models and motivation, climate, and productivity.

EL7235 Work Force and Economic Development
This course examines the components of workforce training and economic development at the local, state and
federal level; the impact of a worker training program on economic development is presented.

EL7033 Community College and Government Relations
This course examines internal and external communications, marketing, local, state, and federal relations, and
friend fund raising.

EL7152 The Community College in the 21st Century
This course examines current issues and future trends that will impact community colleges in the future.

EL7513 Presidents and Executive Leadership
This course examines the current and future roles, responsibilities, cooperative partnerships, and collaborative
alliances of community college presidents; building an effective leadership team and a culture of organizational
and personal success (at all levels).

EL7068 Teaching, Learning and Student Success
This course examines the relationship between teaching and student learning and its impact on how successful students are in achieving their educational goals; an in-depth look at what is most successful in
impacting this relationship is covered.
Research Courses Combined:
ER7423 Research Design and Data Analysis
EL7061 Systematic Inquiry and Decision Analysis
ER7433 Professional Research and Publication
ER7950 Capstone Project I, II, III
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