Education Licensure

Licensure - Only (Principals K-12)
For Add-On Administrative Licensure to provide students with a master's degree in education and a class M or equivalent licensure an opportunity to become licensed to work as principals in North Carolina.

The program provides the necessary coursework for candidates to be successful instructional leaders in K-12 school settings. This program will equip students with the essential skills needed in today's ever changing school  environment. The Add-On Program incorporates training that emphasizes the important roles of:
  • Leader
  • Master Teacher
  • Researcher
Successful candidates will be able to successfully provide leadership that is effective, efficient, and relevant to the increasing demand placed upon the building principal. The program is tailored to individual student needs based on transcript analysis.

Admission Requirements:
  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university
  • Graduate school application form
  • Hold a graduate major in education and Class M or equivalent licensure to teach in the public schools
  • 3.00 ("B") GPA or higher during in the previous graduate education program
  • Two recommendations from school administrative or supervisory personnel
  • Essay or statement of intent for the EDLD program
  • Two official transcripts of all previous academic work beyond high school.
  • At least three years of successful teaching experience
  • Provide an essay or statement for the Add On Licensure program
  • Acceptance by the Admissions Committee
Required courses:
  • EDLD 605 Teacher Leadership
  • EDLD 610 The Principalship I
  • EDLD 615 The Principalship II
  • EDLD 620 School Finance and Budgeting
  • EDLD 630 School Law
  • EDLD 694 Internship I (summer only)
  • EDLD 695 Internship II (academic year)
  • EDLD 696 Internship III (academic year only)
  • ED 697 Portfolio Completion
Program completion requirements:
  • Complete a minimum of 22 semester hours in accordance with the prescribed program with an overall grade point average of 3.0 (B) or higher and no grade below
  • Complete 475 hours of internship work in appropriate/approved educational placements
  • Develop a leadership portfolio reflecting related coursework and practice submitted and approved prior to matriculation