Frequently Asked Questions

Where/when are classes held?
Classes are held at Wingate University Ballantyne located at 13024 Ballantyne Corporate Place, Suite 150, Charlotte, NC 28277. Classes are in the evening, usually from 6-9pm.

What are the requirements for admission?
All applicants are reviewed based on undergraduate GPA and if applicable to the program, GRE or MAT test scores, plus recommendations from administrative or supervisory staff.

How long does it take to complete the program?
All masters and doctoral programs at Wingate allow up to 6 years to complete. We typically schedule students for two classes per semester to complete their program.

Is financial aid available?
Wingate masters and the doctoral program do allow for financial aid.  The Add On Licensure program does not provide for financial aid.  Questions as to eligibility and options can be referred to the Wingate Graduate Education representative, Jenn Pearson, at 704-233-8007.

What are the portfolio requirements?
The portfolio is a culmination of the graduate experience. Students will use the graduate standards as focal points to reflect on how their coursework has met the standards and impacted them professionally.  Final program portfolios are required to be submitted electronically via Taskstream and student orientation is provided prior to beginning the portfolio.

Does Wingate accept transfer credit?

Wingate Graduate Education administration will review requests for transfer credit.  You must provide the course syllabus and the appropriate course catalog description of the course you seek credit for.  The request for transfer credit is reviewed by the appropriate department chair and decision will be communicated to the student.  All requests for transfer credit should be made prior to the start of their Graduate program at Wingate, during the application process. Courses submitted for transfer credit must include a portfolio.

How many semester hours does the program require?
All of the required courses and hours for the Wingate Graduate Education Programs can be found in our course catalog located at this site.

What is the tuition?
Wingate University's Graduate Education programs offer value you can afford, with tuition comparable to most area public universities. Tuition for graduate programs is $720 per 3 credit course and $1040 for the EdD Program for 3 credit course.

What is a practicum?
Traditional student teaching experience after your first 3 semesters of work. This leads to initial licensure so you can begin to teach while finishing your master's work.

Where can I take my pre-reqs/co-reqs?

Any school that offers the courses and is credentialed. Simply provide an official transcript when you're finished.