Here is what some of our students have to say about the Wingate MBA program:
“As a full-time working professional, I wanted the one-on-one interaction that you can only really get with a brick and mortar MBA experience. Wingate University was the answer for me. I enrolled looking for an MBA and found an extended family.  The experience exceeded my expectations and provided me with the tools I have incorporated to enhance my professional journey.” - Kellie McNelis, 2012’ (Premier Inc., Ballantyne)
“I have found that the Wingate MBA program provides an excellent opportunity to add insight and relevance to my position. The courses have not only provided a refreshing, updated understanding of issues impacting my cross-functional global role, but they have also allowed me to think beyond my companies boundaries and consider a broader view of business management. Given that I received my undergraduate degree almost 30 years ago, I was extremely apprehensive about entering the classroom and taking on the MBA curriculum. However, I’ve found that the instructors make the classes both interesting and rewarding.  Although the program is rigorous, the staff understands that I am a working professional and provides the right balance between work and school.” - Mike Armstrong, current MBA student (GE Lighting Solutions, Inc.)
"In researching local programs, with all things considered, including time commitment, prerequisite requirements, cost and convenience, quality of education, world-class faculty, and accredited programs, all arrows continually pointed to Wingate University." - Amy Vance '09 (Chief Operating Officer, Presbyterian Hospital)
"On a scale of one to ten, this program is a definite ten. The specially oriented prerequisite course for non-business majors gave me a head-start like no other MBA program in the area, and I looked at them all." - April Bowen (Novartis)
"My mind has been opened and view broadened by the curriculum, faculty and classmates. Earning my MBA at Wingate definitely contributed to my most recent job promotion." - Kris Boot (ATI Allvac)
"The Wingate MBA program has definitely touched me in a very positive way, and I truly enjoyed every part of the program and feel enriched in many different ways. In the future, I hope that many others will be able to experience what I have." - Brian Driscoll (Wachovia)
We are conveniently located in Suite 150 of the Harris Building in the Ballantyne Corporate Park in South Charlotte. Contact Mark Bryant to schedule an appointment anytime.
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