Candidates for a Master of Arts in Sport Management degree must complete a minimum of 36 hours of course work in accordance with the prescribed course of study, with an overall GPA of 3.0 (B) or higher.  No more than one grade of "C" may be applied toward program completion.  Course work shall include 30 credit hours of Core Curriculum and six credit hours of either a thesis or a project/internship option.  Students are allowed up to six years from the date of official acceptance to complete the program.


Sport Management Core Curriculum (30 credit hours): 

  • MASM 535: Sport Research
  • MASM 553: Public Relations and Technology in Sport
  • MASM 555: Financial Aspects of Sport
  • MASM 557: Sport Marketing and Promotions
  • MASM 558: Sport Sales and Sponsorship
  • MASM 559: Sport Venue and Event Management
  • MASM 561: Sport Law and Ethics
  • MASM 573: Management and Leadership in Sport
  • MASM 591: Organization and Administration of Sport Management
  • MASM 600: Seminar:  Issues in Sport Management
Professional Practice/Thesis (6 credit hours):

*** Choose one of the following ***

Option 1:  Professional Practice

  • MASM 620: Sport Management Internship (3)
  • MASM 630: Sport Management Project (3)

Option 2:  Thesis

  • MASM 631/632: Sport Management Thesis (6)

Program Portfolio (0)

  • MASM 625: Program Portfolio (Pass/Fail – no credit)

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