The in-class experience
Students at Wingate gain more than academic credentials. Students learn who they are, who they want to become, and how they can make a difference in the world. Our size provides a supportive environment with small classes and personal attention from professors who know students by name. Students are the center of our community. Wingate students will experience something special and go beyond facts to take an active role in their education.

My son/daughter needs to miss a week of classes. Will his/her grade be affected by these absences?
Encourage your son/daughter to check his/her syllabus for each class to find information about individual class attendance policies. Your son/daughter should also talk with his/her professors well in advance of the anticipated absences to clarify any questions or concerns. When possible all missed course work should be completed or scheduled prior to the anticipated absence.

Before each exam, my son/daughter is asked to sign an Honor Code Pledge on his/her paper. What is the Honor Code Pledge and why is this included?
Faculty members may include the Honor Code Pledge on certain exams and assignments as a reminder that Wingate students abide by an Honor Code. Membership in the Wingate University community is a privilege conferred by reason of demonstrated merit and sustained by a continuing commitment to high standards of performance and conduct.

My son/daughter originally wanted to be an English major but isn’t doing well in English classes. Who can he/she talk to about a possible major change?
Encourage your son/daughter to speak with his/her academic advisor. Additional information about academic majors (and careers that may match those fields) is available in the Office of Internships and Career Services. An official major change form is completed in the Office of Academic Advising.

Even after hours of studying for a particularly tough class, my son/daughter is performing poorly. Where can he/she go for help?
Encourage your son/daughter to visit the Academic Resource Center (ARC). At the ARC, students will find help with academic counseling and subject area tutoring. A study skills class is offered at the beginning of each semester should your student wish to enroll please contact the Director of Support Services. He or she should also schedule an individual appointment with the instructor of the course to discuss specific concerns. Your student could also contact Kristin Wharton in the Office of Student Success.

I would like to know if my son/daughter is attending class regularly and whether or not he/she is earning acceptable grades. Who may I contact to find out this information?
The best resource is to check with your student. Please refer to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act information on page 11.

The out-of-class experience
When students become active in campus life at Wingate University, the opportunities for connection and preparation are endless. Students will learn about themselves, enhance their views of the world, and most of all, become a part of a place that is charged with energy and a passion for growth and service. The Student Life family is students’ connection to the Wingate out-of-class experience.

I’m coming to visit my son/daughter for a few hours on campus. Where may I park?
You can park in the parking lot beside Laverne Banquet Hall.

My son/daughter is looking for a part-time job off campus. Where can he/she go for help?

Encourage your student to visit the Office of Internships and Career Services for information on current part-time job openings and assistance with resumes and other application materials.

What if my son/daughter does not to attend all of the 40 required Lyceum events?

Students must attend 40 Lyceums in five categories during their academic careers in order to graduate. The Lyceum requirement is a component of the General Education Core. Questions about Lyceums can be directed to the Office of Academic Affairs or the Office of the Registrar.

What types of multicultural or minority organizations and support are available to my son/daughter?

There are several multicultural organizations that your son or daughter can be a part of, including the Black Student Union (BSU), International Club, and PEACE (social justice organization). There is one historically African American fraternity (Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc.) and one historically African American sorority (Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc.). For information about Fraternity and Sorority Organizations contact Diana Coyle in the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life.

My son/daughter was very active in his/her community during high school. How can he/she become involved in the surrounding Wingate community through service?

Your student may want to become involved with UCAN (University and Community Assistance Network). UCAN is student-run and focuses on serving the needs of the campus and larger community.

What does the Student Government fee cover for my son/daughter?
The $100 per semester fee helps provide funds for programs and services that all students can take part in. This fee funds many functions of the co-curricular experience. Student government fees fund Campus Recreation, Multicultural Affairs, Activities, Greek Life, Student Ministries, and the Service Program.