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If you're preparing to apply for college, you have plenty of decisions to make and forms to complete. Receiving an acceptance from a university that matches your educational goals, financial needs and recreational interests is a thrilling experience. Knowing when to start and how to submit your application will simplify the process and make you feel more confident.

The right college helps you make the future you envisioned possible. At Wingate University, we want our prospective students to feel comfortable, encouraged and prepared to make a difference, so we're sharing four helpful tips for applying to colleges:

1. Plan Ahead

You can make your college application stand out long before you start the application process.

Students who begin taking and creating opportunities as early as eighth or ninth grade show an incredible amount of preparedness, and they have years to collect diverse experiences to include on their applications.

Taking classes that prepare you for college is important, but you don't need to take every advanced course. While doing so might be tempting, you'll want to keep your grade point average (GPA) up by ensuring your plate isn't too full. Instead, choose subjects relevant to your major and future career path.

Filling leadership positions in organizations you care about is an excellent strategy. If you have a passion your school doesn't offer, you can document your efforts to create that club or team. Taking the initiative early in your high school career is particularly important for standing out.

2. Build on Your Academic Strengths

If you start taking challenging courses early, you could be on track to sign up for more advanced ones later. Admissions officers often prefer to see that you earned a B in an Advanced Placement (AP) class instead of an A in a standard course. Challenging yourself speaks to your ability to work hard and succeed. Admissions departments also regard Honors and International Baccalaureate classes highly.

Once you receive your acceptance, remind yourself to keep striving for high scores. Your grades during the latter half of your senior year chart your development and college readiness. Keeping your grades high can reinforce your ability to handle college-level courses.

3. Think Outside Your Extracurriculars

When a college asks what you do outside school, they want to hear about more than the sports you play and other extracurriculars you enjoy. While those activities are significant, so are the ones you do on your own. Activism, volunteering and work experience are essential parts of your resume.

4. Proofread

The relief of completing your application may convince you to submit it immediately. However, spending a few extra minutes to proofread and edit your writing is crucial. Typos can make your application seem careless, and the time you spend polishing it will prevent you from turning in easily caught errors.

Enjoy an Easy Application Process With Wingate University

If you're looking for a school with a straightforward application process, apply to Wingate University. Prospective students can submit their applications without taking college admissions exams like the SATs and ACTs. Plus, we don't charge an application fee or require you to write an essay.

You’ll receive our decision and scholarship award within two weeks of submitting your application. Enjoy our easy application process when you apply today!