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When it comes to choosing a university, you have a lot of options. Are you looking for a personal experience in your educational career? A small university might be the right choice. 

The decision between colleges also depends on what kind of major you want to pursue. If you're planning to take a specific path — especially in the medical field — you might think your options are limited to larger schools. However, many smaller institutions offer general and unique majors as well. Whatever the case is for you, it's worth the effort to look into the benefits of a small, independent university.

1. Smaller Class Sizes for More Personal Experiences

A typical freshman lecture at a large college could have up to 400 students in attendance. Many professors have their classes use attendance clickers on their devices to sign in. This attendance method is convenient, but it's harder for the teachers to put a face to each name. If you have a question, it can feel overwhelming to raise your hand with over a hundred other students in the room with you.

With a smaller class size, it's much easier to interact with your peers and professors. Discussions become more in-depth when there are fewer students in a lecture, and asking questions feels more natural because your classmates see and hear your concerns. You can truly engage in every lesson with this kind of attention. One-on-one tutoring sessions with instructors are also available, as professors have more time to spend helping you. 

Here at Wingate University, we strive to help each of our students feel like they can make a difference. Our student body consists of more than 3,400 individuals, and each one is more than just a number.  We keep our class sizes small to give you the personal attention you need to thrive in every course.

2. Unique, Personalized Majors Available

While big universities sometimes have more majors available, small colleges provide flexibility and personalized options for unique programs. One example is an interdisciplinary major. This program allows you to choose courses from different majors or departments that meet your interests. Larger universities typically don't offer this kind of personalization with degrees, expecting you to take an exact list of courses required instead. 

Wingate University offers a variety of interdisciplinary options, including an educational studies degree program. If you're interested in an education career that doesn't necessarily involve teaching in public schools, this interdisciplinary degree allows you to choose a different concentration. As long as you fulfill the requirements for graduation, you can select the courses that fit your interests.

3. Less Competition and More Financial Assistance

With fewer students attending a small school, financial aid will come quickly and often in larger amounts. Small universities receive fewer applications for scholarships and grants, so you have a high chance of receiving more money than you would at a bigger college.

If you need a full- or part-time job, it's also easier to get one on- or off-campus at a smaller school. The job market on small campuses is less competitive compared to large universities. The same idea applies to any internships you need for your major. With fewer waitlists at these universities, your chances of being accepted for all kinds of opportunities are much higher. 

4. The Ability to Build Stronger Relationships in the Community 

Special bonds form naturally among small groups of people. At a small college, you can quickly get to know all the people in your classes. Forming close relationships with friends will help you adjust to the changes that come with college life. Beyond campus, small schools are also more likely to be located in a less populated town or city. A small-town feel can help you feel connected and seen by those surrounding you.

If you like the convenience of being near a city but not living in it, Wingate can provide an ideal balance. Wingate University is located 25 minutes east of Charlotte. Our school is in is a charming town called Wingate with a population of about 4,000 people, so you can enjoy the close-knit relationships of a small community here at our institution. 

Become a Difference-Maker at Wingate University

Are you interested in changing yourself and your local community for the better? Wingate University offers the opportunity to do just that. Our independent school has all the perks that a smaller institution has to offer. Schedule a campus tour to see the benefits for yourself! If you're ready to start making a positive difference in your future, apply to Wingate University today.