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High school can be a struggle: challenging courses, new social dynamics, highly competitive athletics or teachers with quirky personalities that you can’t quite figure out. 

Whatever may have you a little (or a lot) off-balance can cause you to struggle. And that struggle, as bad as it can feel in the moment, is actually a good thing, because it makes you stronger.

So, if you feel like you’re making more than your share of mistakes as you try to find your footing in high school, take heart. Neuroscientists say mistakes are actually helpful for brain growth. The key, they say, is how you move forward after the misstep.

When you find yourself in the midst of a struggle, here are five tips to remember:

  1. Admit your fears. It’s hard to overcome what you can’t define. When you figure out what is making you anxious you can start to separate unfounded fears from those that actually warrant your concern. 
  2. Embrace your errors as teachable moments. Rather than beat yourself up, ask yourself what you’ve learned or can learn from your misstep.
  3. Say no to some good things so you can say yes to what’s best. Sometimes you may be struggling to please everyone, which, by the way, is virtually impossible. Concentrate on doing a shortlist of things well rather than saying yes to everything.
  4. Ask for help. Seeking help doesn’t show weakness. It shows that you’re human. Everyone needs help with something at some point.

Share, don’t compare. Like you, your struggles are unique. Share your concerns with trusted friends and be open to their advice, but don’t compare yourself to others. Comparison has been called the thief of joy. It can make you feel inadequate or superior, neither of which is helpful.

Remember, struggling is a part of life. If you are not struggling, you’re probably not learning. In fact, research shows that often the highest achievers are those who have struggled the most.

At Wingate University, we’re passionate about helping strugglers thrive. That’s why we’re reaching out to encourage you early in your high school journey. 

Keep moving forward, give yourself grace, and let us know how we can help.


Find Out if Wingate University Is the Right School for You

Wingate University is a student-centric independent liberal arts college located in the Charlotte, North Carolina region. Are you a student who strives to make things better for themselves and those around them? If so, we can help you nurture the necessary knowledge and experience so you can succeed in your career and personal life.

Wingate University offers challenging courses, with plenty of one-on-one support from caring professors. We're considered a leader in healthcare education, with many of our students aspiring to be physician assistants, pharmacists, physical therapists or nurses. Many of these programs receive 100% pass rates on licensure exams.

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Find Out if Wingate University Is the Right School for You