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Wingate is consistently ranked as a top-20 “best value” university in the South by U.S. News & World Report. We offer a wide range of majors and programs. Eighty-six percent of our classes have fewer than 30 students, and none of our science labs have more than 24.

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We’re focused on ensuring you get the attention you need to explore your interests and make the most of your opportunities. So you’re ready to take on the world or world history.

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With academic support built around your specific needs. Career support that covers everything from job-search strategies and internship opportunities to resumes and interviews. And, of course, unparalleled Bulldog support. The kind that comes from people who encourage you to find your best path. And push you to be your best self.

Faith, Knowledge, Service is our motto

And our motto is also our mission and it ripples through everything we do. As our president, Dr. Rhett Brown says, "Our pursuit is a knowledge that informs our faith and leads us to serve others ... that is the purpose of higher education at Wingate University"

Should You Go on College Visits?

Visiting the colleges you plan to apply to is an excellent idea. Even before you've selected universities of interest, touring a campus can help you see what college will be like and gain insight into the future you want to embrace.

The Benefits of Going on College Visits

Going on campus tours has several benefits. Let's cover a few of the most significant ways exploring universities can help you make your decision.

You'll Meet Current Students

Current students can offer insight into different aspects of student life, including their transition from high school to college. Often, guides give helpful advice on college tours that will become incredibly valuable during your first year of college, whether you attend that school or another. Other students may share the things they wish they'd known when they applied to their program.

During these conversations, you'll glean information about student life — like where to eat on and off campus — that you'll be happy to know in advance. Plus, getting to know current students can make your arrival smoother. When you show up for your fall semester, you'll already have acquaintances and recognize friendly faces on campus.

You Can Engage With the Faculty

If you've picked a major, meeting the instructors in that department can help you decide whether pursuing that program at a specific school is right for you. Also, connecting with your future professors can show them you'll be as dedicated to your courses as you are to preparing for your major.

You can talk to faculty members about the program and ask about specific classes required for your degree, professors' teaching styles and alternative learning opportunities. This information will help you get a full view of your future in your major.

You Can Feel the Campus Environment

Campus visits let you look beyond the hand-selected photos of smiling students you see online. These tours are an organic way for you to see the classrooms, popular library study spots and most crowded places for socializing.

A college visit also enables you to see the rooms where you'll live, the cafeterias where you'll eat and other places where you'll spend significant amounts of time during the next few years.

You'll Be Better Able to Compare Schools

Touring multiple universities can help you compare the schools at the top of your list. Whether you're applying to several colleges or choosing between acceptances, a visit can make your decision clear.

During your tour, the details you learn let you evaluate each school's academics, extracurriculars, student life and campus environment. Remember, your college will become your home for the next four years. Finding one that offers the things you need for your contentment is essential for making an informed decision.

Explore Wingate University

Visiting a college campus is a motivating experience for many high schoolers, and at Wingate University, we encourage prospective students like you to explore all we offer. On our site, you'll find vital information about academics, extracurriculars and other aspects of student life. You can also book a campus tour or take a virtual tour using Wingate 360. Play our Campus Tour Bingo, when you visit Wingate!

When you're ready, you can apply online to begin your journey.