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Why Choose Wingate?

You will find caring, supportive professors and staff.

  • With small class sizes, your professors will know you by name.

  • Professors will take an interest in you and help you discover your ideal path.

  • Professors are teaching-focused. All research opportunities are created with students in mind.

  • Success coaches, peer tutors and the Academic Resource Center will keep you on track.

You will make a difference.

  • Wingate is a lab of difference-making, where your talent, curiosity and work ethic will have an impact on the greater good.

  • Service is an integral part of the Wingate experience. It’s even part of the University’s motto: Faith, Knowledge, Service.

  • You’ll be able to put your skills to work in the Collaborative for the Common Good and volunteer during One Day, One Dog.

You will learn to think more critically and have a global perspective.

  • Wingate’s core curriculum will give you a solid foundation of knowledge and essential skills, such as communication, problem solving and intercultural understanding.

  • As a liberal arts student, you’ll take a wide range of courses so you’ll be prepared regardless of what pathway you choose.

You will be challenged inside and outside of the classroom.

  • Wingate’s Lyceum Program provides hundreds of experiences to promote personal growth. You’ll attend a minimum of 24 events in the categories of faith, academic lecture, fine arts, and personal and professional growth.

  • The Honors College provides an opportunity to develop your leadership abilities, expand your cultural horizons and hone your research skills.

  • The University’s flagship study-abroad program, W’International, provides low-cost travel experiences to countries around the world.

You won’t break the bank. 

  • Nearly 100 percent of undergraduate students receive financial aid.

  • For the average undergraduate student, the total cost of attendance at Wingate is comparable to that of a state-supported institution.

  • Just by enrolling as an undergraduate, you’ll qualify for a $10,000 scholarship to one of Wingate’s graduate programs.

You will study with students like, and unlike, you.

  • Half of Wingate undergraduate students are non-white.

  • The number of non-white students has more than doubled in the past decade.

  • More than half of undergraduate students are first-generation college students.

  • A growing contingent of international students hails from 54 countries.

  • Three-fifths of our students are from North Carolina.

You will increase your career opportunities.

  • Wingate is No. 1 in social mobility among independent national universities in North Carolina.

  • Professors will work with you to find an internship that advances your career prospects.

  • Our Advantage programs give you a leg up if you are looking for a career in the health sciences.

You will find a home away from home.

  • Three-quarters of Wingate undergraduates live on campus.

  • Wingate’s 500-acre campus is 30 minutes from Charlotte and less than three hours from the mountains or the beach.

  • Campus life is rich and fun, with 1 out of 4 undergraduate students taking part in intramural team sports and most getting involved in a variety of clubs, organizations and other activities outside of class.

  • Wingate Athletics is a powerhouse, boasting several national champions and a run of 15 consecutive trophies for having the South Atlantic Conference’s best overall athletics program.