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All for one reason: You

Wingate is consistently ranked as a top-20 “best value” university in the South by U.S. News & World Report. We offer a wide range of majors and programs. Eighty-six percent of our classes have fewer than 30 students, and none of our science labs have more than 24.

The right fit

We’re focused on ensuring you get the attention you need to explore your interests and make the most of your opportunities. So you’re ready to take on the world or world history.

Wherever your interests lead, we’ll help you follow your dream

With academic support built around your specific needs. Career support that covers everything from job-search strategies and internship opportunities to resumes and interviews. And, of course, unparalleled Bulldog support. The kind that comes from people who encourage you to find your best path. And push you to be your best self.

Faith, Knowledge, Service is our motto

And our motto is also our mission and it ripples through everything we do. As our president, Dr. Rhett Brown says, "Our pursuit is a knowledge that informs our faith and leads us to serve others ... that is the purpose of higher education at Wingate University"

Why Choose Wingate?

To students who strive to make things better for themselves, their community and the world around them, Wingate University is a laboratory of difference-making, where students’ enthusiasm for learning intersects with the knowledge and experience of our faculty and the needs of our local community to make an impact for the common good.

What we do:

Wingate University empowers students to make a difference

How we do it:

By aligning talent, resources and expertise with student learning opportunities

Why we do it:

To improve the human condition

Our creative platform

Be a difference-maker

This is the essence of a Wingate University education. It is our positioning – how the world sees us, or at least how we want the world to see us – distilled into a phrase that will inform our communications. Wingate is a laboratory of difference-making, where students become difference-makers.

Our key strengths

So, how is Wingate a difference-maker? The difference we make shines through in the four key strengths that make the University distinctive:

1. Our students have an exceptional student experience.

We align our talent and expertise with students’ enthusiasm to be an asset to our community.

2. We’re the No. 1 healthcare educator in western North Carolina.

Why is this important? Because we graduate people who are compassionate and want to make a difference by increasing the health outcomes of our community. We graduate people who care.

3. We are a model NCAA Division II institution.

The same qualities that make a difference-maker also make an outstanding student-athlete. We dominate the SAC athletically (and are a player in several sports nationally), but we really excel in the classroom.

4. Our graduates experience uncommon success.

Wingate students are challenged – to push themselves, to get involved, to make a difference in the community. This results in success after they graduate. One big way we can make a difference as an institution is to promote social mobility. We strive to make a Wingate education life-changing for all.

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