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Teacher Assistant to Teacher

UCPS Pathway to Teach

The UCPS Pathway to Teach is specifically designed to develop the internal teaching talent of current instructional assistants who intend to pursue careers as licensed teachers. This scholarship opportunity is made possible by a collaborative recruitment and retention partnership between Union County Public Schools and Wingate University. 


  • TA’s that complete the program will be offered a teaching position with UCPS
  • Paid field experience
  • Reduced cost $420.00 per credit hour
  • UCPS Scholarships of $4,500


  • At least 1 year service in current Instructional Assistant position with UCPS 
  • Must be willing to be a teacher within UCPS district for 3 years after successful completion of the degree program

Additional Details

  • Participants must have an Associate Degree or equivalent
  • 60 additional hours (approximately 2 years) of coursework will result in a bachelor’s in Educational Studies


Complete the Adult Bachelor Degree program application at Wingate. Contact Sandy Leyva, or (704) 233-8075, with any questions about the application process. 


Dr. Charlesa Hann

General Inquiries