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Study Abroad and W'International

Our signature W’International Program allows eligible juniors to study abroad for 10 days. We offer new and challenging topics and destinations developed by the faculty each year.

You’ll also find study abroad courses offered by academic departments, such as Intensive Immersion Spanish. The Office of Internships and Career Services helps to coordinate internship programs abroad during the summer months.

Outside programs may be approved for Wingate University credit. Examples include:

  • Approved internships
  • Approved summer programs


  • A passing grade in the seminar prior to the study abroad portion
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.5 by the beginning of the semester of participation
  • Full-time enrollment status during the semester of participation
  • Junior class standing (at least 57 credit hours earned)
  • No outstanding debt or encumbrances to Wingate University at the time of participation (clear up those library fines and parking tickets!)
  • Transfer students with junior class standing must have completed one semester as full-time Wingate University students

Did you know?

  • The W’International Program began in 1978. The program is heavily subsidized by the University to allow all Wingate students to have the opportunity to study abroad.
  • With the W’International Program, you can study abroad for 10 days.
  • All W’International programs combine a semester-long course with a study abroad program. You must pass the course in order to study abroad. If you complete both portions (on-campus and study abroad), then you will receive 2 credits.
  • W’International programs have traveled to South Korea, Brazil, Cuba, the United Kingdom, Costa Rica, Cambodia, and Egypt–just to name a few! The courses and locations are submitted by faculty each year for selection by a review committee.
  • Students can sign up for the W’International program during the spring of their sophomore year, and join the program during their junior year (eligibility allowing).

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