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Add-On Licensure

Add-On Licensure for K-12 School Administration

Our add-on licensure for school administration is designed to prepare teachers who hold a master’s degree in education and a North Carolina “M” license to become principals.  The program covers the executive leader standards adopted by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction with an emphasis upon the following areas:  

  • Community involvement and engagement
  • Having a positive impact on student learning
  • Organizational management
  • School culture and safety
  • School improvement
  • Teacher empowerment and leadership  

What Is Required?

To earn your add-on license, you must complete a minimum of 22 semester hours in courses such as teacher leadership, principalship, school finance, and school law. A 25-hour field experience and internships totaling 475 contact hours will provide you the opportunity to apply what you learn in the classroom to real school settings. You will then compile all that you learn and experience into an Executive Leader standards-based portfolio.

Courses (22 hours)

  • EDLD 605 – Developing and Demonstration Teaching Leadership
  • EDLD 610 – The Principalship – Part 1
  • EDLD 615 – The Principalship- Part 2
  • EDLD 620 – School Finance and Budget
  • EDLD 630 – School Law
  • EDLD 694 – Internship I (Summer only)
  • EDLD 695 -  Internship II (Academic year)
  • EDLD 696 – Internship III (Academic year only)
  • EDLD 697 - Program Portfolio (pass/fail)

Tuition 2023-2024

Add-On Licensure - $440/credit hour

“One of my favorite things about getting my master’s and doing the add-on administrative licensure program at Wingate was collaborating with administrators from different schools. We got to learn from superintendents and assistant superintendents from neighboring districts and to hear how things are done differently in each one. That challenged us to think about what we’re doing and how we can get better. It was great to hear varied perspectives from my peers and from faculty. In my teacher leadership class, I was taught by a principal who went on to become the state principal of the year.”Ashley Melton, principal of Morehead City Primary School, Class of 2007 (MA) and 2014 (add-on licensure)


Dr. Danielle Edwards