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M.A.Ed. - Educational Leadership
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The Master of Arts in Education (MAEd) in Educational Leadership program was established in the fall of 2006. The MAEd program in Educational Leadership leads to North Carolina licensure as a K-12 school administrator. The program's coursework is aligned with the 21st century Executive Leader Standards mandated by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI). It prepares students to make responsible research-based decisions regarding curriculum, instructional strategies, technology assessment, professional development, and financial and budgetary planning. 

The program consists of 37 semester hours. Included in this course work regimen are 6 semester hours of core graduate education at the 500 level, 31 semester hours in educational leadership content and related course work at the 600 level including 475 hours of internship experiences. Students complete a Standards-based Program Portfolio in their final semester that reflects an understanding of the NC Executive Leader Standards.. 

What Is Required?

Classes for the education leadership degree are held online.  To earn the degree, you’ll take 37 semester hours of coursework that focus on topics that matter most to principals, including:

  • Finance
  • Leadership
  • Technology

During the program you spend a total of 500 hours completing field experiences and internships to apply your classroom learning to actual school settings as you take the final two courses. The leadership portfolio you submit with your internships ties your research, coursework and field experiences together. 

Program Structure


Year 1

Year 2

Two 8-week terms/16-week internship

  • EDLD 605: Developing and Demonstrating Teacher Leadership (8 weeks)
  • EDLD 610: The Principalship – Part I (8 weeks)
  • EDLD 532: Curriculum Decision-making (8 weeks)
  • EDLD 640: Supervision of Instruction (8 weeks)
  • EDLD 695: Internship II (16 weeks)

Two 8-week terms/16-week internship

  • EDLD 615: The Principalship – Part II (8 weeks)
  • EDLD 630: School Law (8 weeks)
  • EDLD 625: Technology in the 21st Century (8 weeks)
  • EDLD 535: Action Research (8 weeks)
  • EDLD 696: Internship III & EDLD 697: Program Portfolio (16 weeks)

Two 5-week terms/10-week internship

  • EDLD 620: School Finance & Budget (5 weeks)
  • EDLD 634: Measurement & Assessment (5 weeks)
  • EDLD 694: Internship I (10 weeks)



  • EDLD 605: Developing & Demonstrating Teacher Leadership
  • EDLD 610: The Principalship - Part I
  • EDLD 615: The Principalship - Part II

  • EDLD 630: School Law

  • EDLD 620: School Finance & Budget

  • EDLD 634: Measurement & Assessment

  • EDLD 694: Internship I

  • EDLD 532: Curriculum Decision-Making 

  • EDLD 640: Supervision of Instruction 

  • EDLD 695: Internship II 

  • EDLD 625: Technology in the 21st Century 

  • EDLD 535: Action Research 

  • EDLD 696: Internship III

  • EDLD 697: Program Portfolio

Total: 37 Credit Hours

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Tuition 2023-2024

Master's Programs - $440/credit hour


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