BUS 500 Course


If you’re interested in a MBA program at Wingate University Ballantyne, but you don’t have an undergraduate business degree, our innovative one-semester Business 500 course satisfies all of the business prerequisites. This fast-track course not only meets our MBA program’s prerequisites but expedites your entry into the MBA program.

BUS 500 is a one-semester course taught in four modules, each by a different instructor. Instead of taking (and paying for) as many as eight separate undergraduate business courses, the BUS 500 course is an efficient and affordable way to cover all of the business prerequisites necessary for the Wingate University MBA program in just one semester. Please note that you must be accepted into the MBA Program in order to take BUS 500. A grade of “C” or better is required in each BUS 500 module in order to satisfy each applicable business prerequisite course.

Some students may be able to opt out of one or more modules based on prior undergraduate coursework. This is subject to review and approval by Wingate University. Modules are self-contained and stand alone, and each required module must be taken in its entirety.

  • Every fall semester
  • Monday and Thursday evenings
  • 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Ballantyne Campus
*Although BUS 500 is only offered in the Fall, it is possible for students to begin the MBA Program in the preceding Spring or Summer by taking certain MBA courses that are not prerequisite-based. These students then take the applicable modules of BUS 500 in the following Fall.
  • Students who realize they can’t meet the business prerequisite course requirements for our MBA program
  • Students with an undergraduate degree in a non-business discipline
  • Students who feel more comfortable by taking a refresher course to hone their skills
Module Credits Tuition
Quantitative Methods 2 $975.00
Financial Accounting / Managerial Accounting / Finance* 2 $975.00
Economics 2 $975.00
Marketing and Management* 2 $975.00

* May be taught by multiple instructors

Total Course Tuition: $3,900 ($975.00 per module)
Total Course Credits: 8 Credits (2 credits per module)

Any questions, please contact Dori Grassau, (704-233- 6002, d.grassau@wingate.edu) or Mark Bryant, Assistant Dean for Graduate Business Programs and MBA Program Director (704-233-6003, mbryant@wingate.edu.