MASM Course Schedule

Fall I (6 credits)

561 – Sport Law & Ethics
555 – Sport Economics & Finance

Fall II (6 credits)

600 – Social Issues in Sport 
553 – PR & Social Media in Sport*
572 – NCAA Compliance & Administration** 

Spring I (6 credits)

535 – Sport Research 
557 – Sport Marketing*
576 – Fundraising & Development in College Athletics**

Spring II (6 credits)

559 – Sport Venue & Event Management 
TicketReturn University Software Training* 
Athletic Academic Advising Training** 

Summer I (9 credits)

558 – Sport Sales & Sponsorship*
574 – College Athlete Development & Wellness** 
591 – Organization & Administration of Sport  
620 - Sport Management Internship

Summer II (1 credit)

640 – Comprehensive Exam

If a student is admitted during spring II or either summer term, 620 is to be completed the following summer.
Please note: Courses are only offered during the session listed in this course schedule.
*Required course for Sport Marketing track ONLY
**Required course for Athletic Administration & Compliance Track ONLY

MASM Course Descriptions

The master’s degree program requires the following 32 hours of coursework for all students:

MASM 535 – Sport Research

3 credit hours
This course familiarizes the graduate candidate with the nature, procedures and application of research in sport management. Candidates examine, analyze and synthesize sport research literature and plan, conduct and report upon a simple sport research study.

MASM 553 – PR and Social Media in Sport

3 credit hours
This course focuses on the growth of the Internet and social media, and their emerging role as marketing and public relations media. Students explore the advantages and disadvantages relative to traditional marketing practices. Students engage in creating promotional and informational video formats, web pages, online survey forms, and work to analyze survey responses

MASM 555 – Sport Economics and Finance

3 credit hours
This course is designed to allow the student to understand the fundamentals of finance, budgeting, and accounting in the sport and recreation industry. The course emphasizes financial principles, financial markets, as well as the growth and development of revenue sources in the 21st century.

MASM 557 – Sport Marketing and Promotion

3 credit hours
This course provides the theoretical underpinnings of sport marketing and promotion, and illustrates their application with practical examples from the sport marketplace. The course also introduces students to the application of basic principles of marketing in the sport industry with emphasis on intercollegiate athletics, professional sport, and multi-club sport operations. The students develop a broad appreciation of marketing by providing them with an up-to-date understanding of marketing concepts as they are currently being applied in advanced study and work in marketing, consumer behavior and related fields.

MASM 558 – Sport Sales and Sponsorship

3 credit hours
This course provides the theoretical techniques used to sell and generate revenues in the sport industry. This required course concentrates on corporate sales and sponsorship, its growing role and its vital importance in sports. Topics include sales proposal development, sponsorship solicitation, licensing rights, new business development, endorsements and merchandising, commercialization of technology, and corporate partnerships. The course provides an overview of the industry and instruction on effective methods to plan, price, organize, acquire, implement, measure and evaluate sponsorships including the development of a corporate sponsorship plan.

MASM 559 – Sport Venue and Event Management

3 credit hours
This course provides identification and investigation into the design and management of sport and recreational venues. Management techniques and procedures for athletic events are examined. Required field trips are a vital component of in this class.

MASM 561 – Sport Law and Ethics

3 credit hours
This course enables the student to analyze and understand legal issues and to discuss the ramifications of those issues with a foundation of comprehensive information that is relevant to managers in the sport industry. Ethical considerations in sport decision-making are also discussed.

MASM 572 – NCAA Compliance and Administration

3 credit hours
This course is designed to give students a working knowledge of NCAA rules and regulations at the Divisions I, II and III levels will be covered, as well as NAIA compliance.  Topics covered will include recruitment, initial and continuing eligibility, progress toward degree completion, amateurism, financial aid, etc. 

MASM 574 – Collegiate Athlete Development and Wellness

3 credit hours
This course will provide students with insight into the importance of using an athletic program as a vehicle to holistically develop athletes both on and off the court or field; particular focus will be placed on career development, counseling services, life skills seminars, personal finance, communication, post-sport career transition, and reaching injured athletes.

MASM 591 – Organization and Administration of Sport

3 credit hours
The administrative processes in sports and athletics in high school, college, public/private recreation and professional sports are examined and analyzed.

MASM 600 – Social Issues in Sport Management

3 credit hours
This course explores how power relations, stereotypes, cultural ideologies and personal beliefs impact sport participation. Critical analysis is the basis for exploring the links between sport and major issues in society.

MASM 620 – Sport Management Internship

3 credit hours
Students will complete an internship once coursework is completed.  The internship must be with a sport/sport-related organization and must be approved by the MASM Program Director. Requires a minimum of 250 clock hours and is supervised by the MASM Program Director and the internship site supervisor.

MASM 640 – Comprehensive Exam

1 credit hour
Serving as the comprehensive, culminating requirement of the MASM degree, the comprehensive exam will be used for students to demonstrate their knowledge, understanding and application of major concepts in Sport Management.

TicketReturn University Training

1 credit hour

Athletic Academic Advising Training

1 credit hour