MASM Badge Program

The Wingate University MASM program now offers a flexible and convenient online badge program for those looking to highlight specific skills, innovatively market their credentials, and further their career in the industry of sport. The badge program offers two unique microcredential options, Athletic Academic Advising Training or Box Office and Online Ticketing Training. Both options are offered completely online and operate asynchronously- you may complete the badge program course content at your own pace and in your own time! For those interested in pursuing the Master of Arts in Sport Management degree from Wingate University, successful completion of the badge program will grant guaranteed admission to the program (contingent upon meeting program requirements).

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Athletic Academic Advising Training

Box Office and Online Ticketing Training


What is a Badge?

A digital badge is a way to highlight specific and unique knowledge and skillsets. By earning a digital badge, you have the opportunity to showcase your knowledge and expertise in a specific arena of sport management. Upon completing the badge program, you can earn a tangible, digital badge to showcase on your resume / CV, online portfolio, websites, and social media channels. In the Wingate University MASM Badge Program, you have the option to earn such credentials in Athletic Academic Advising, Box Office and Online Ticketing, or even both!

Who can Earn a Badge?

Anyone can earn a badge from the Wingate University MASM Badge Program! You do not have to apply or be admitted to the University! All you need is the desire to learn something new and to market yourself in a unique way. There are no prerequisite courses or requirements. When you’re ready, simply sign up using the link below. You may begin the badge program courses as early as 1-2 days. The cost for either option of the badge program is only $217.50, which can be easily paid via the signup link below.

MASM Badge Program and Guaranteed Admission

For those interested in pursuing the Master of Arts in Sport Management at Wingate University, the badge program is an excellent way to get a head start at half price! Each badge program course is a requirement of the MASM degree (one for each degree track). By successfully completing the badge program, you can earn guaranteed admission to the program by simply submitting official undergraduate transcripts and meeting program admission requirements. To see the full admission requirements, click here. Not only will you earn credit upon matriculation to the university, you will also earn the digital badge microdredential, simplify the admission process, and get a head start at completing the degree-- all at half price for whichever badge program course(s) you choose.

How do the Badges Work?

After signing up using the link above, you will receive information to start the badge course(s). Each course includes an orientation element and will assist in starting the coursework and will simplify the process. After successfully completing the course(s), you will be awarded a digital badge via the Badgr platform and sent an award e-mail. All you have to do is create a Badgr account and then you may tap into all of the benefits of earning a digital badge. Each badge is interactive and clickable, allowing others to see the specific content mastered and will also verify that your credentials were earned from Wingate University.