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Occupational Therapy

Faculty & Staff

Dr. Stacey Caplan

Acad Fieldwork Coord/Assistant Professor

Dr. Reeti Douglas

Assistant Professor, Occupational Therapy, Assistant Professor

Dr. Daniella Hauser

Assistant Professor, Occupational Therapy

Dr. Christine McConnell

Associate Professor, Occupational Therapy

Dr. Wynnet Sinclair

Assistant Professor, Occupational Therapy

Kathleen Subasic

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Melissa Sweetman

Founding Director, Occupational Therapy/Assoc Professor, Associate Professor

Dr. Peggy Terhune

Adjunct Faculty

Patricia Tomsic

Assistant Professor, Doctor of Occupational Therapy Program

Lisa Warren

OTD Program Assistant


Dr. Melissa Sweetman
(704) 233-8972

Free OT Clinic