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Occupational Therapy


Whether in the Student Led Clinic, in a student organization or at the local elementary school, Wingate's OTD students are fully immersed in the community. There are plenty of opportunities to be involved and get hands-on experience and practice in real clinical situations.

When I first learned about the clinic, I raced to be one of the first people to sign up. I knew it was an incredible opportunity, but the reality far exceeded even those expectations. The clinic made what I was learning in the classroom real. To see the conditions that I was learning about and the impact that they had on real people gave me a much deeper understanding of the role that our profession plays in rehabilitation. I’ve also loved getting to know all of the clinic clients and every time that I work with them, it reminds me why I am here.Jen G., Class of 2024

Student Led Clinic

Our mission is to provide free OT services to under and uninsured members of our local community and members of our campus community. Our clinic is open one afternoon per week and provides an opportunity for students to practice hands-on skills in real time with real clients. We treat clients from across the age span and with all diagnoses, including those who are seeking pelvic floor treatments. First and second year students partner to design and implement interventions under the supervision of licensed faculty.

Having the opportunity to work in the Wingate OTD Clinic has allowed me to grow so much as a therapist. I have been able to practice valuable clinical skills with real clients, as well as experience the feeling of positively impacting someone's life by assisting them in gaining independence. Thanks to this opportunity, I feel more confident in myself and my ability to treat clients. This clinic is such a blessing to us as students and the community of Wingate.Emma B., Class of 2025


Student Organizations


(Student Occupational Therapy Association)

The purpose of WUSOTA is to promote the profession of occupational therapy through student led activities. WUSOTA activities may include political advocacy, community service, fundraising, or professional development initiatives. There are several leadership positions available within WUSOTA, including an elected member who serves as the AOTA Assembly of Student Delegates Representative.


(Coalition of Occupational Therapy Advocates for Diversity)

The purpose of Wingate University's chapter of COTAD is to support occupational therapy students to work together to develop and promote diversity and inclusion within occupational therapy education programs and in the profession. It is also to create opportunities and resources to foster open conversation and increase awareness of different lived experiences to increase cultural humility. Wingate's COTAD was named the national COTAD Chapter of the Year in 2022!  

Pi Theta Epsilon

A specialized honor society for occupational therapy students and alumni. Its mission is to promote research and scholarship among occupational therapy students. PTE recognizes and encourages superior scholarship among students enrolled in accredited educational programs across the United States” ( Students who achieve a GPA of 3.5 and are in the top 35% of the class rank after their first year will be invited to become members of PTE.


Servant Leadership

The WUOTD program is built upon a foundation of servant leadership. As such, students have many opportunities both on campus and in the greater Charlotte area to serve others in need and to advocate for OT in the community. A few of our regularly scheduled, recurring service projects include Wingate Elementary School, the Wayfind program, and the Summer Health Academy Camp.

Elementary students

The Wingate Elementary Mentorship program is a monthly partnership with 5th grade students. The theme for the recent school years have been related to social-emotional health and ensuring that all students are seen, heard, and valued. The mentoring program was designed by OTD Class of 2022 student Rose Weurtz in collaboration with OTD professor Dr. Reeti Douglas and Wingate Elementary School’s occupational therapist, Andrea Maxwell, as an extracurricular service activity for the Student Occupational Therapy Association members.

Wayfind is Wingate University's college access program that prioritizes students who are historically underrepresented in higher education that attend Monroe High School and Forest Hills High School. Wayfind scholars who complete the full 4-year mentoring program through Wingate University can receive a four-year, full-tuition scholarship. Monthly, OTD students work with Wayfind scholars to educate the high school students on life skills to prepare them for college.

Two campers at an Occupational Therapy Camp.

The Summer Health Academy is a week-long day camp for local high school students to provide exposure to the variety of health professions programs available at Wingate University. OTD students plan activities for campers to learn about the profession of occupational therapy in an interactive way from the perspective of both the clinician and the client. 


Dr. Melissa Sweetman
(704) 233-8972

Free OT Clinic