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Pro Bono Clinic & Community Outreach

Wingate Rehabilitation and Performance (W’RAP)

Wingate Physical Therapy is proud to offer a pro-bono clinic that provides services to the local underserved and medically uninsured population. Sessions are led by department faculty and students. The program serves as an amazing opportunity for our students to practice their clinical skills throughout their three years at Wingate University. Each student participates in the evaluation and treatment process, and learns to provide the optimum care to a variety of patient populations while being supervised by faculty. The goal of Wingate’s Pro Bono Physical Therapy Clinic is to provide excellent and compassionate care, with the hopes of helping to create a healthier community. Sessions are held at the Burnside Dalton building on Wingate’s campus every Monday from 1-4 p.m. 

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Learn more about the W'RAP Clinic by clicking here.

Community Outreach

Students build a ramp

Physical Therapy students build a wheelchair ramp at Horse Therapy farm on the Rosebud Reservation.

Students participate in the Arthritis Walk.

Students serve refugees and immigrants at Project 658.

Students assist children at the Horse Therapy farm on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota.

Students assist with the Rock Steady Boxing camp to assist participants with Parkinson's Disease.

Students assist with the Rock Steady Boxing camp to assist participants with Parkinson's Disease.

On the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota for a medical mission trip.

On the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota for a medical mission trip.

Kinetic Kids at Wingate

Kinetic Kids 

Kinetic Kids is a program for children with developmental disabilities and their siblings. It occurs in the fall and spring semester. In the fall, the focus is on health and wellness. Children learn about exercise, heart rate, strengthening and stretching activities, and the importance of nutrition and sleep while also participating in dance, yoga, parachute and ball play. OT students join in and provide arts and craft activities to address fine motor and cognitive skills. In the spring, the focus is on various adapted sports, such as golf, tennis, soccer and games such as red-light green light and tag. 

Cheer Abilities

Cheer Abilities is a program for children with developmental disabilities and their siblings. It occurs during the summer months. This past year, the children worked with PT students on tumbling, balance, and simple cheer routines. OT students assisted with decorating bows, hair management (such as pulling hair up in a pony tail and twisting bow in place), making cheer signs and bull horns.


Advocating Diversity and Acceptance in PT

ADAPT (Advocating Diversity and Acceptance in Physical Therapy) is a new organization under Wingate University’s Department of Physical Therapy. We aim to create an environment that ensures patients, providers, and students of all backgrounds feel welcomed, uplifted, and supported in the field. Last semester, we were intentional in the development of our vision statement. Our vision declares the equitable inclusion of people from various places, ethnicities, and cultures to create a professional realm that embodies diversity in the mirror image of the diverse community we serve. Our action plan in doing so includes the following primary objectives: 

  • Hosting educational opportunities on various inclusion-centered topics 

  • Increasing networking opportunities among staff, students, and other healthcare professionals  

  • Promoting the visibility of the physical therapy profession in the community

  • Promotion of DEI scholarships

  • Creating adaptive safe spaces for staff and students 

  • Enlighten and guide the WU DPT program on sensitive communication-related topics concerning DEI

pelvic health

Charlotte Pelvic Health Initiative

The Charlotte Pelvic Health Initiative (CPHI) is a free event providing education on pelvic health issues for the greater Charlotte community. The event is hosted on Saturday mornings twice a year in the Midtown area of Charlotte. It is currently supported by local pelvic physical and occupational therapists and students. The goal of CPHI is to improve knowledge of pelvic-related issues for all genders and spread awareness of supportive professionals in our community.

Rock Steady Boxing

Rock Steady Boxing

Rock Steady Boxing (RSB) is a 401(c) non-profit organization that supports community-based exercise groups centered around boxing for individuals with Parkinson’s Disease. Focus of classes center around strengthening, agility, endurance, and balance and on common impairments and functional mobility limitations seen with Parkinson’s Disease. Wingate University Department of Physical Therapy (DPT) faculty achieved accreditation to open a community class starting in the summer of 2022. DPT students organize and implement classes every week and are held on campus in the McGee Fitness Center.   

Project 658

Project 658 is a faith-based ministry in the east Charlotte region providing services for at-risk families, primarily immigrants. Wingate DPT partners with Project 658 to provide rehabilitation services every other month through screenings, interventions and the provision of home exercise programs. Students take the lead in all treatment sessions.