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Faculty & Staff

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Natalie Clark

Director of Admissions, DPT & OTD Programs

Danielle Felsberg

Assistant Professor

Jordan Felsberg

Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy

Dr. Karen Friel

Chair, Physical Therapy Program and Professor, Director, Dept of Physical Therapy

David Hysell


Dr. Erin Jacobson

Adjunct, Physical Therapy

Dr. Brett MacLennan

Associate Professor, Physical Therapy

Sandra Martin

Business Operations Specialist, Physical Therapy

Dr. James Massey

Associate Professor, Physical Therapy

Dr. Steve Morris

Professor, Physical Therapy , Distinguished Professor

Dr. Jill Nappi-Kaehler

Physical Therapy

Jaclyn Polk

Assistant Professor/Director Clinical Ed

Deborah Prouty

Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy

Lindsey Sharpe

Adjunct Faculty


Natalie Clark
(704) 233-8674