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Target Applicant

PT students interested in differentiating their skill set and qualifications with a graduate business degree, and for those who are interested in owning their own practice or entering the business and senior management side of the health care industry or other industries at some point in their career.

MBA Curriculum

The MBA Program consists of 36 credits (12 courses), plus the BUS 500 prerequisites course. The core curriculum consists of 30 credits (10 courses); each concentration consists of 6 credits (two courses).

Program Duration & Flexibility

Students may complete the MBA Program at their own pace. The fastest a student would complete the program is two years (by taking two courses per semester), although taking longer is fine. In many cases students will only take one course in each semester and complete the program over several years. Not taking any courses for a given semester is fine as well. The only duration requirement is that students must complete the program within 6 years.

Program Location, Course Schedule and Course Delivery

All MBA classes take place during weekday evenings starting at 6 p.m. Each class meets once per week in the Fall and Spring; each class meets twice per week during each 6-week Summer session.  All MBA courses will have course delivery options including online/remote delivery, in-person, and/or a combination of both.  

Prerequisite Course

A business undergraduate degree is NOT required; however, certain business prerequisites are required and may be satisfied in only one semester by our MBA prerequisite course (BUS 500) offered during the Fall semester. Students only take (and pay for) the BUS 500 modules they need (for example, many PA students have already satisfied the Quantitative Methods BUS 500 module based on previous coursework in Calculus and Statistics, and thus would not need to take this BUS 500 module). *Although BUS 500 is only offered during the Fall semester, it is possible for students to also start the program during the Spring or Summer semesters by taking specified MBA courses that are not “prerequisite-based”. 

Health Care Management Concentration

One of the five areas of concentration offered is in Health Care Management, a unique concentration focused on developing health care industry leaders by enhancing health care management expertise through relevant, real-world oriented health care course content. The other concentration areas include: Corporate Innovation, Data Analytics, Project Management, and General Management. Students choose one of these five concentration areas (and may return after program completion to attain additional concentrations if they so choose).


The Wingate MBA Program is one of the most affordable MBA values in the Charlotte region. The current total tuition for the MBA Program is $25,560 which includes all of BUS 500 (total cost would be less if one or more BUS 500 modules are not required).

Enrollment Options

It is possible to enroll in the MBA Program throughout the year during the Fall, Spring, or Summer semesters, regardless of the prerequisite courses needed. PT students may elect to enroll in the MBA Program either during their time in the PT Program or after graduating from the PT Program. Once accepted to the PT Program, students may also apply for enrollment and begin the MBA Program prior to starting the PT program.

GMAT Waiver

The GMAT will be waived in favor of the GRE.

Expedited Application Process

The only item needed from PT students to complete the MBA admissions portfolio is the online MBA application which can be found here. Complete the MBA application after acceptance to the PA Program. 

All other required items are taken from the PT admissions portfolio (ie. transcripts, test scores, resume, etc.) which is sent to the MBA Director upon completion of the MBA online application. Note that the same MBA application is used for all students, PT or otherwise. Given this streamlined process, it is often possible to apply and enroll in the MBA Program up until the beginning of each semester.  Admission decisions are typically rendered within one week of submission.

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