The Wingate University Physician Assistant Studies program uses  Central Application Service for Physician Assistants(CASPA) as our admissions application for the programs  in Wingate and Hendersonville, NC. As an applicant, you will be asked to choose a campus before submitting the application to CASPA. Please note that you can be considered for admission to the program for only one campus. 

The Hendersonville campus offers an educational experience in the mountains of western North Carolina with all of its natural beauty and diversity. Opportunities are offered in this area to work in a variety of environments, including under-served populations as well as distinguished healthcare providers in state-of-the-art facilities. There are 15 seats on the Hendersonville campus. The Wingate campus accepts 40 students.

There is no supplemental application for this program. The only document that must be submitted directly to the PA program is your official GRE scores report.


To be eligible for admission consideration to the Wingate University PA program enrolling fall semester 2020, each applicant must fulfill the following requirements. Unless otherwise stated below, all requirements must be fulfilled by January 15, 2020. 

There are no waivers or exceptions to any of these requirements except for those published in this document. Wingate University PA program offers no advanced placement and does not accept transfer credit from any prior enrollment in any health science, medical, or related program. No advanced placement is offered for health science work or study experience. Each student accepted in the PA program at Wingate University must satisfy all requirements of the didactic and clinical years of study. 

A qualified applicant who was previously enrolled in another PA program will be considered for admission only after consultation with the director of the former PA program. Qualified applicants who are graduates of Wingate University will be given preference in the admission process over other similarly qualified applicants. Admission to both campuses of the PA program is administered from the main campus by the Admissions and Compliance Officer. 


CASPA application

Each applicant must submit an application for admission online through the Centralized Application Service for Physician Assistants (CASPA). The admission cycle opens April, 2019. The deadline for submitting an application and all required documentation is January 15, 2020. Wingate University requires no supplemental application, forms, or fees. Since Wingate’s PA Program operates on a rolling admissions basis, earlier submissions have a greater likelihood of securing one of our limited interview slots.
There are two locations of the PA program: main campus and Hendersonville campus. Applicants must determine choice of campus when submitting with CASPA. 

U.S. citizenship, permanent resident of the U.S., or “DACA” status

Each applicant must be a citizen of the United States (by birth or by naturalization), hold Permanent Resident Status in the United States, or have DACA status in the United States (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals).

Completion of bachelor degree or higher in the U.S.

Each applicant must complete a bachelor degree or higher in the United States from a regionally accredited college or university. International degrees that have been evaluated as United States equivalent will not fulfill this requirement. An applicant who is admitted to the program with the bachelor degree pending completion will be considered a “provisional” admission until the degree is conferred which must be on or before June 15, 2020. If a master degree or higher is required for admission eligibility, the admission will be considered “provisional” until the degree is conferred which must be on or before June 15, 2020. 

Completion of 9 prerequisite courses

Each applicant must complete 9 prerequisite courses. Online courses and virtual labs from regionally accredited institutions are acceptable. 

Human Anatomy and Physiology I with Lab OR Human Anatomy with Lab 
(4 credit hours minimum; completed in 2015 or later at a regionally accredited institution) 
Human Anatomy and Physiology II with Lab OR Human Physiology with Lab 
(4 credit hours minimum; completed in 2015 or later at a regionally accredited institution) 
(3 credit hours minimum, lecture only; completed in 2015 or later at a regionally accredited institution) 
Microbiology with Lab 
(4 credit hours minimum; completed in 2015 or later at a regionally accredited institution) 
Organic Chemistry with Lab
(4 credit hours minimum; no time limit; completed at a regionally accredited institution) 
(3 credit hours minimum, lecture only; completed in 2015 or later at a regionally accredited institution; combination courses of organic/biochemistry or similar will not fulfill this prerequisite) 

Each applicant must earn a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher on the six courses listed above to be eligible for admission consideration; no grade below C- will be accepted regardless of the calculated GPA. 

General Psychology 
(3 credit hours minimum; AP credit accepted; no time limit; completed at a regionally accredited institution) 
(3 credit hours minimum; completed in 2015 or later at a regionally accredited institution) 
Medical Terminology 
(No minimum credit hours; can be credit hour course completed at a regionally accredited institution or continuing education course; documentation of successful completion, if not reflected on college or university transcript, must be submitted directly to the PA program; completed in 2015 or later) 

Exception: If an applicant is currently, or was in 2015 or later, the main instructor at a regionally accredited institution (college, community college, or university, either online or traditional classroom) for any of the above courses, the requirement to retake the course is waived. Documentation of the instruction must be provided to the admissions officer by the applicant’s immediate supervisor at the regionally accredited institution. This exception does not extend to supplemental instructors, laboratory assistants, or teaching assistants. When documentation is received, a grade of A will be applied to the prerequisite along with the required credit hours and will be used to calculate the applicant’s science prerequisites GPA. 

GRE and PA program’s receipt of official scores report

Each applicant must complete the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) within five years of anticipated enrollment in the program (2015 or later) and have the official scores report submitted directly to the PA program. Wingate University PA Program GRE code is 7911 and is applicable to both campuses. No minimum scores are required but scores in the 50th percentile or higher on each of the three sections are considered competitive.

Letters of recommendation, one from a provider

A minimum of two letters of recommendation are required when the application is submitted through CASPA. One of the recommendation letters must be from a health care provider (MD, DO, PA, or NP). It is strongly recommended that each of your reference writers has known you at least one year.

Minimum 500 hours of clinical experience

Each applicant must complete a minimum of 500 hours of direct patient contact. “Shadowing” does not count toward these required hours.

Personal interview

The admissions officer receives each applicant’s documents after CASPA completes the verification process. The admissions officer or assigned staff reviews each application to determine whether an applicant is eligible for admission consideration. Applications are reviewed in chronological order of the submission to CASPA. Following this initial review, each applicant receives an email from the admissions officer or assigned staff detailing the status of the application. The admissions officer or assigned staff may schedule an interview with the applicant. Admission interviews are held from September through February and are conducted with a maximum of six to eight applicants per session. Applicants spend 3-4 hours on campus in a series of group and individual activities. Following the interview session, the admissions offer or designated staff will contact each applicant by email within three weeks concerning the applicant’s status with the program. Admission with pending requirements will be considered “provisional” until the requirements are fulfilled on or before the stated deadlines. 

Tuition deposit

Applicants offered admission to the PA program will be notified by the admissions officer or designated staff by email. In order to confirm acceptance of the offer, each applicant must pay a $1,500 deposit postmarked within 15 days of the offer. The $1,500 deposit will be applied to the fall semester tuition if the student enrolls in the program. Failure to pay the $1,500 deposit in a timely matter will forfeit the applicant’s place in the program. The $1,500 tuition deposit is nonrefundable if the applicant chooses not to enroll in the PA program, fails to fulfill any requirement pending at the time of provisional admission, or is dismissed by the PA program prior to enrollment for reasons including, but not limited to, discovery of a history of drug abuse, felony conviction, or fraudulent application statements. 

Pay your deposit

Technical standards acknowledgement

The technical standards for admission set forth by the PA program establish essential qualities that are considered necessary for students admitted to the program to achieve the knowledge, skills, and levels of competency stipulated for graduation by the faculty and expected of the professional program by its accrediting agency, ARC-PA. All students admitted to this program are expected to demonstrate the attributes and meet the expectations listed. These technical standards are not only required for admission but must be maintained throughout a student’s progress in the PA program. Applicants who accept an offer of admission must sign a document acknowledging their possession of these attributes and return the document to the PA program with the tuition deposit.


Demographics of admitted and confirmed students

Year of Admission 2016 2017 2018
Total 50 50 56
Male 15 16 15
Female 35 34 41
20-29  42 43 50
30-49  8 7 6
50+ 0 0 0
Caucasian  44 43 47
African American 1 0 2
Asian 5 1 6
Other 0 6 1
Undergraduate Major       
Biology/Chemistry/Nursing  32 34 38
Exercise/Ath Training/Sports Med  1 6 6
Other Master/Postgrad 17 10 12
Master/Postgrad 5 4 6
Wingate University Graduates       
Total Students  4 6 4
Percentage of Total Admissions 8% 12% 7%
Overall Science GPA      
3.7-4.0  7 14
3.2-3.6  25 29 31
< 3.1  18 14 11
Hours of Clinical Experience      
500-999  15 20 12
1000-2999  25 19 32
>3000 10 11 12
GRE Scores (Verbal and Quantitative)      
<299 7 5 0
300-306 20 17 16
307-312 13 15 24
>312 10 12 16