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Honors Program

Professors can nominate students to join the program. If you feel you’re up to the challenge, you can nominate yourself at the end of the first semester of your freshman year. The minimum GPA required is 3.4. However, you can still be considered if you don’t have a 3.4 GPA if your nomination form shows promise. After the application process, new honors students are announced during a special event in the spring and register for fall honors classes.

Honors-Level Work

As an honors student, you begin taking honors courses the first semester of your sophomore year. After you choose an honors track in University Honors (traditional, biology, business, chemistry or nursing), you will take at least three honors courses before starting your honors research project. Honors students appreciate that many of these classes are more discussion-based than traditional courses. In addition to completing honors courses in three-credit hour classes, you also:

  • Take a one-hour interdisciplinary seminar
  • Conduct an honors thesis or research project during your junior or senior year
  • Present your research at Wingate’s Wellspring Research Symposium
  • Have the opportunity to participate in an Honors Program trip to New York, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., the Outer Banks, or another city as part of the experiential-learning class
  • Have the opportunity to present your research at a national or regional conference

An Honorable Presence on Campus

Honors students study, socialize or unwind in their own lounge in Burris. They also have opportunities to network with Wingate University administrators and connect with  other students at honors gatherings. Students in the Honors Program are also asked to participate in discussion forums with speakers who visit campus.

Honors Tracks

The Honors Program seeks to meet the needs of all Wingate University students. As a result, the university has developed five different tracks to accommodate the majors of honors students: Biology, Business, Chemistry, Nursing, Traditional.

Students select the track they want to follow when they’re accepted into the program. Students may choose to fulfill the traditional track requirements regardless of their major. In addition to the requirements listed for each track below, all Honors Track must present their honors research project at Wingate’s Wellspring Symposium.

Alexis Morse

"The Honors Program provided me with so many opportunities. I had classes that challenged me and professors who pushed me to reach my highest potential. I was able to research what I loved and attend conferences across the country to display my work with my peers and professors. Overall, I feel that my entire education was enriched greatly by being a member of this program."

Alexis Morse, '20
chemistry grad pursuing at masters in biomedical science research at Wake Forest University

Tyra Davis

"In the Honors Program, I was able to take courses that many other students did not get to, and I was able to take courses that differed greatly from my major, biology. Many science majors often don’t get as many opportunities to express the creative aspects of ourselves, so classes like Honors 205 involving Fine Arts or even the honors section of General Education courses like GPS (Global Perspectives), gave me a chance to not have my world overrun with intense biology all the time,

Tyra Tiquana Davis, '20 

"Deciding to join the Honors program was one of the best decisions I have made as a Wingate student. Every Honors course I take, I am surrounded by driven classmates who put their academics above all else. The professors structure the classes to allow for discussion and assignments that allow for more creativity than other courses. Each Honors student is able to conduct research on a topic of their choice, allowing each Wingate Bulldog to take charge of their education. I am thankful to have gotten the Honors program experience at Wingate and take my education to the next level, preparing me for what comes after undergrad."

ethan hathcock, '23
Biology & HIstory double Major
Men's Swim team

Kallie Potter

"The Honors Program helped me develop as a student. It allowed me the opportunity to be more independent with my studies and gave me the wonderful opportunity to be involved in research."

Kallie Potter, '20 biology grad now pursuing her doctor of physical therapy degree