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Social Sciences

How we think, behave and relate to one another makes society work or prevents it from working. Understanding cultural context and exploring ways to help make life better for individuals and the larger community are two of many challenges facing those in the social sciences. That’s why hands-on learning and research are hallmarks of Wingate’s criminal justice, human services, psychology and sociology programs.

Social Sciences programs of study

Criminal Justice

Criminal justice can be an active field, which is why Wingate University offers a hands-on learning environment. In fact, to earn your degree you’re required to complete an internship (SIDE BAR OR POP UP CONTENT SEE BELOW) worth four credit hours. 

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Human Services

Our human services major introduces you to the many rewarding jobs in public outreach. Because our faculty marries psychology and sociology, you develop many interpersonal skills, including communication, leadership and cross-cultural understanding. 

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Political Science

The political science program at Wingate is unique in that we are a teaching school. That means our faculty’s highest priority is having you participate in the best education for your career path.

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Psychology is one of the most popular majors at Wingate. Our new curriculum was designed with the help of experts at the American Psychological Association. Creative touch from nationally recognized professors like Dr. Jay Wilder allows students to explore the role of psychology in cinema, and hands-on learning complements what you do in the classroom. 

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The sociology major at Wingate is unique. You receive a well-rounded introduction to the social sciences with an in-depth focus on marriage and family. The sociology faculty also places a strong emphasis on research, and most students participate in at least one research project. After graduation, you are prepared to enter the job market or continue with an advanced degree in graduate school. 

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