Student Support

The faculty and staff of Wingate University are committed to doing everything they can to help you be a successful student. We hope you’ll do your part by taking advantage of the services offered by these caring individuals.

As a Wingate University student, you might not need to visit each one of these offices on a weekly basis, but most students will need their services during their time on campus. We’d like to introduce you to them.

Academic Advising

The Office of Academic Advising is your go-to source for everything you need to know about choosing courses, staying on track for graduation and declaring a major. Incoming freshmen are assigned an advisor. Yours is your best source of information and help as you navigate your way through your first year of college. They can answer your questions, help you determine the best choices and offer advice on how to adapt to college life.

Academic Resource Center

We know you’ve heard it before, but for many students, the transition from high school to college isn’t always smooth. Coursework can be a challenge, which is we recommend a visit to the Academic Resource Center to learn the strategies that will help you succeed.

The Writing Center

The ability to communicate effectively is a critical skill for all students. You’ll need strong writing skills as a Wingate University student, and the tutors at the Writing Center can help you hone those skills. Whether you’re working on a business case study or a scientific analysis, the peer tutors can help you acquire necessary skills to convey your ideas.

Disability Support Services

The Office of Disability Support Services addresses the needs of students with disabilities. Requests for accommodations are handled by this office to ensure equal access for all students. Specific and reasonable requests for academic and non-academic requests should be submitted to Ms. Kristin Wharton. If you have questions, please make an appointment to meet with her.


The Office of the Registrar is charged with handling all student records, from registration to grades to issuing diplomas and transcripts. You’ll want to bookmark the pages which address the academic calendar, academic catalogs and Commencement. Wondering when final exams are scheduled? Want to know what courses are being taught next semester? Need to request a free transcript? This is the office that can assist you.

International Programs

Wingate University is proud of its commitment to educating global citizens for the 21st century. One way we do that is through the efforts of the Office of International Programs. Through their efforts, Wingate students can broaden their horizons by taking advantage of foreign travel through W’International courses. In addition to overseeing the study abroad program, the International Programs staff also provide international student services to students from more than 30 countries.

Title IX

Title IX refers to a 1972 federal law that prohibits discrimination based on sex in any academic programs. You may have heard about it in reference to athletics, but this office also handles any charges of sexual misconduct. Victim support services, counseling and assistance are readily available.

Office of Career Development

In today’s competitive world, the ability to demonstrate hands-on learning and real-world skills earned through relevant internships is highly desirable. The Office of Career Development assists students who understand the value of an internship. As you near graduation, the career services offered help prepare students for creating a strong resume, interviewing and networking to find the right job.

Campus Safety

Keeping you safe as a member of the Wingate community is the highest priority for the Office of Campus Safety. Ensuring you’re aware of weather alerts and helping you maintain personal safety are just part of our daily efforts.

Information Technology Services

It’s a digital world, and the Office of Information Technology Services strives to keep everyone connected. From helping you access campus Wi-Fi to providing recommendations on how to stay safe online, the staff of ITS is prepared to answer your questions. Need help? Stop by their desk on the second floor of the library.