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Choosing a Major

“What are you going to major in?” Do you remember the first time someone asked you that? You may have had an answer then and maybe you didn’t. Some students know exactly what they would like to focus on during their time in college while others change their minds several times.

In Academic Advising, we have partnered with Career Services to help those undeclared students pick the major that is right for them. Below are some steps that we have found that have proven to lead to an educated and well-informed decision.

Do your research. What majors do we offer at Wingate? The catalog is a great place to start. Once you are able to see what all your options are, you can begin narrowing them down by those that you know you have no interest in whatsoever.

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Take the focus2 assessment. This assessment is designed to help you explore careers and majors that match your interests, values, skills and personality. Meet with someone from our office to discuss your focus2 results and what they mean for you specifically. You can email us at

focus2 assessment

After you have narrowed your choices down, it’s time to act. Speak with faculty and students in the majors that you are considering and review all of your options. Look at what courses make up each major. Ask yourself if you would enjoy these classes. What jobs do these majors lead to? Are there any jobs available in these fields near where I want to live? What’s the job outlook for the future? Are there introductory courses that I can take without being committed to one particular major?


Make the best decision based on all of the information gathered so far, then complete the "Change Major Form" to make it official. 


What's next?

After you have changed your major, you will be assigned a faculty advisor. This is a faculty member that teaches in your major. The will work with you in your major to answer any questions regarding the field and to help you select future course. As always, if you need additional assistance, you can always email our office at

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