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BASE Program

What is the BASE Program?
Building and Supporting Excellence

BASE helps you find your way, make connections and builds an academic foundation.

BASE is free summer program offered to students on an invite-only basis to get a jump-start on your college experience at Wingate. You'll connect with faculty and peers, identify your interests and strengths and familiarize yourself with campus...all while earning six credit hours and getting to move in early!

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  • Move in early in July
  • Earn six credit hours
  • This is a free program!
  • Get familiar with campus before everyone else arrives
  • Work to identify your passions, skills and interests
  • Meet your peers and faculty
Wingate students roller skating.

What to expect

During the week we have class, study time, invest in our personal development and have enriching activities. The weekend provides sponsored activities and adventures around town as well as additional time to study. Sundays are your break, take a deep breath and relax!

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Dr. Chelsea Kaufman