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We know that college or transferring can be overwhelming. That's why all new students take OneDog 101 in their first semester on campus. In a way, it's an extension of Orientation.

Make a Connection

First-year students experience a number of transitions when they arrive on campus, including:

  • Academic
  • Intellectual
  • Personal
  • Physical
  • Social
  • Spiritual

In OneDog 101, you are introduced to the resources and tools you need for a successful Wingate experience! The class is led by a full-time faculty member, a Bulldog Guide (an upperclassman), and you and your fellow classmates to foster constructive conversation about Wingate and being a Difference Maker. Your Bulldog Guide will lead you through Bulldog Beginnings with your Gateway 101 classmates so on the first day of class you already have a group of friends to lean on.

What Will You Learn?

OmeDog 101 is designed to help you achieve specific goals. These include the ability to:

  • Identify and use campus resources and opportunities that contribute to your academic and personal success
  • Improve written and oral communication skills to discover, develop and articulate ideas
  • Use university and the specific resources and publications in your major to successfully complete that major, including active participation in advising and registration
  • Engage with the diverse opportunities offered through cultural and campus life organizations and events
  • Develop critical relationships with mentors, faculty and staff so you can discuss matters related to campus life, your coursework and academic progress
  • Establish supportive relationships with classmates and Peer Mentors in all areas of your university life

What Do Students Say?

In the past, students have told us that OneDog 101 is exactly what they needed at this time in their life. What exactly do they say?

  • “It helped me figure out better ways to study and be a better student.”
  • “It taught me a lot about how I need to plan ahead and what steps I need to take to achieve my goal of going to medical school.”
  • “When I was freaking out about class, I knew that I could come to OneDog 101and vent as well as receive help.”
  • “I would say that OneDog 101's way of introducing us to Wingate University and the individuals that make up our staff was very important when adjusting to the life in college. This adjustment made it easy to get comfortable with the transition, and that is important to my learning.”


Nicole Barrios
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