Summer School 2020

There's still time to sign-up for Summer II Courses. 

  • There are no face-to-face classes, and housing isn't available. 
  • Students may register for a maximum of 14 credit hours--7 credit hours per summer session. 
  • There are three summer sessions:
Summer Session Begin Date End Date Last Day to Add Last Day to Drop Last Day to Withdraw
I June 1st June 25th June 1st June 1st June 15th
II July 6th July 30th July 6th July 6th July 20th
Long/Internships May 18th August 8th May 18th May 18th July 6th
*There are no classes on Memorial Day (5/25) or Independence Day (7/3).


Schedule of classes

If you are planning to take courses during Summer 2020 and plan to apply for Financial Aid, you must complete the Summer 2020 Application for Financial Aid. Please note: You WILL NOT be eligible to receive financial aid unless you submit the application online.

Summer Application




$590 per credit hour

$1770 for a 3-credit-hour class and $2,360 for a 4-credit-hour class


Internships, both face-to-face and virtual, are possible this summer.  The charge is $180 per credit hour, or $540 for a 3-credit-hour internship. All internships must begin before 8/1 to be charged the summer internship rate.  To submit an internship contract, click here