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Wingate is pleased to announce asynchronous Winter Term Classes running from Dec. 14 to Jan. 10. All classes are being offered online (with no formal meeting days and times) and will break for the holidays from Dec. 25 to Jan. 1. Tuition is $333 per credit hour or $999 for a 3-credit class. Please note, you may register for only one class. Classes being offered are listed below.  

Class Title Credit Instructor
ACCT253 Financial Acctg 3 Dr. Scott Lail
ACCT254 Managerial Acctg 3 Dr. Scott Lail
BIO 240 Classical Genetics 3 Ms. Renee Hastings
BUS 111 Business Application 3 Dr. Michael Geier
EXSC101 Intro Exercise Sci 3 Dr. Traci Napolitano
EXSC255 Applied Nutrition 3 Dr. John Acquaviva
EXSC410 Exercise Prescriptio 3 Dr. Jenny Bond
HIST320 Making of Modern Wld 3 Dr. Ben Thorne
MATH112 College Algebra 3 Dr. Melissa Nink
MUS156 Global Influences on Music in the US 2 David Markgraf
PHYS206 Calc Ext for Physics 1 Dr. James Hall
PSCI340 Glb Race Eth Gender 3 Dr. Chelsea Kaufman
PSYC308 Child Psychology 3 Dr. Candace Lapan
REL 110 Per in Scripture 3 Dr. Mark Roncace
REL 216 Gender & the Bible 3 Dr. Mark Roncace
SOC 475 SpTop: Paranormal 3 Dr. Aaron Culley
SRMT111 Sport in Mod Society 3  
SRMT212 Program Planning 3 Dr. Chris Harrist
SRMT330 Fac Design & Mgmt 3  
SRMT350 Coaching Foundations 3 Dr. Chris Harrist
SRMT405 Sport in Film 3 Dr. Chris Harrist
WELL118 Financial Well-Being 2 Dr. Scott Lail

Is Winter Term a good choice for you?

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