Adult Bachelor's Degree



If you’d like to start or complete your college career as an adult, our program is designed for you.  Adult learners often attend classes while juggling a full-time job and family responsibilities. Evening classes accommodate your busy schedule.

Most students take classes two nights a week year-round to earn their degrees in the shortest time possible. However, this isn’t an accelerated degree program. Your degree is comparable to a traditional four-year program. In addition, you may be able to apply previously earned and eligible college credits toward a Wingate University degree.

Human Services

If you want to start or continue a career that’s focused on helping others, then our human services major can help you achieve your goal. Being a human services major means gaining the in-class preparation needed to succeed as a professional in psychology, social services, non-profit organizations, the ministry, and the health field.

Perhaps you have graduate school on your radar? Wingate University’s human services major provides the educational foundation you need to succeed in advanced degree programs in counseling, psychology, or social work.

Organizational Communication & Management

When employers evaluate candidates for new positions or promotion, they consistently look for excellent communication skills. Our Bachelor of Liberal Studies degree with a major in organizational communication and management helps you hone these critical skills.

Communication that Works

In a small and active learning environment, you’ll work closely with your professors and classmates to polish verbal, written, and visual communication skills. You can count on gaining real-life experience in communicating effectively with diverse audiences. You will also gain a better understanding of today’s key communication challenges facing organizations and managers.

Management Skills Spell Success

Whether you plan to supervise people or market products and services, knowing how to apply the key concepts of marketing and management in a global economy offers you an advantage as a valued employee. The expertise and working experience of your professors gives you the knowledge of consumer and organizational behavior, and the leadership skills needed to become a candidate for management. 



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TUITION 2018-2019

Adult Bachelor's Program is $395 Per Credit Hour