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Work with faculty on research projects with real-world implications.

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Bringing science and business together to make the most impact in our local communities.

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Agricultural Food Systems

Do you like hands-on learning, especially when it’s outside, immersed in nature? Are you intrigued by the farm-to-table trend, or do you wonder what you could do to help fight food insecurity? Did you grow up on a farm and wish you had the business acumen to take it to the next level? A biology degree with a concentration in agricultural food systems can prepare you for the perfect career. You’ll take the biology, chemistry, agriculture and business classes you need for a solid foundation while choosing a variety of electives that reflect your interests.

Outside the Classroom

This concentration is project-based, hands-on and an experiential learning process. You'll spend plenty of time outdoors, in the dirt, in a lab and in the community.

  • Internships
  • Research opportunities
  • Immediate, local opportunity to impact Union and Anson counties

Advanced Degrees

After completing this concentration, students can go on to earn advanced degrees in several areas such as:

  • Master's in Sustainable Food Systems

  • Master's/PhD in Public Health - Nutrition

  • Master's/PhD in Agricultural Sciences

  • Master's in Food Policy

  • Master's/PhD in Agricultural Business

  • MBA

  • Master's/PhD in Food Science

  • Master's in Nutrition

  • Master's in Agricultural and Extension Education

Career Opportunities

Students will leave Wingate with a portfolio of experiences and a concentrated area of expertise to set them apart while seeking a career. Students will be well-versed in community engagement and with the science/business combination, the career potential is flexible and always in demand.

  • Account Executive
  • Business Analyst
  • Commodity Merchandiser
  • Farm Manager
  • Financial Analyst
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Operations Manager
  • Territory Manager
  • Agronomy Sales
  • Mill Operations
  • Business Development Representative
  • Product Test Engineer
  • Research Entomologist
  • Farm Business Enterprise Manager
  • Agricultural Marketing Specialist