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Biology 3 + 1 Major

Our Biology 3+1 program is a step ahead of other pre-pharmacy programs.

Wingate University’s 3 + 1 program is designed for students who want an undergraduate degree (BS/BA) in biology and a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. This structured program is built on a specific sequence of courses, beginning with the core curriculum and ending with electives at Wingate University’s School of Pharmacy. Students graduate with a BS/BA and course preparation needed for graduate pharmacy study, including credits that are transferable toward their doctorate.

Choosing 3 + 1

Students interested in this accelerated program should declare a biology major early. Once they declare this major, they are assigned a faculty adviser to guide them through the program.

Major Requirements

All of the pre-pharmacy program’s requirements are completed during the first two years as outlined in the four-year academic plan for the pre-pharmacy program. Students take core curriculum and biology classes during the first three years. The fourth year is devoted to pharmacy electives. 

Valuable Experience

During the third year of the program, students engage in laboratory work, gaining practical firsthand experience that applies classroom study to hands-on learning.

Career Paths

With a dual degree and biology background, our students are prepared for careers not traditionally associated with a pharmacy degree. Our graduates have been hired by:

  • The Centers for Disease Control
  • Drug Enforcement Administration
  • Food and Drug Administration
  • Healthcare product manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Research foundations



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