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BIOS Program

AI appreciated the discussions on what real expectations would be to get into graduate programs in the field of biology.


Our Biology Intensive Orientation Seminar, or BIOS, prepares first-year students for the rigors of the intensive curriculum. BIOS allows you to spend the week before classes to begin learning how to succeed. You’ll get personal attention and increase your chances of achieving your career goals.

Classroom and lab time help you become comfortable with our facilities and you’ll spend time talking about current topics, such as DNA barcoding or how to stop cancer in its tracks. There’s even a faculty-student dinner.

Wondering what it’s like to take and pass a college-level biology exam? BIOS gives you the chance to take an exam before the grade matters. And to help you prepare, biology professors share their best tips for how to take notes (laptop or 3-ring binder) and the best study habits. They’ll even offer test-taking advice.

Successful current biology majors share the thoughts and their insight on how to succeed in the program. You’ll get advice about the grades and courses you need to be admitted into your dream graduate program.

There are many advantages to attending BIOS. The major benefits are:

  • Acclimating to on-campus life
  • Advice from successful juniors and seniors
  • Becoming familiar with classrooms and labs at Wingate University
  • Building peer relationships with others new to the program
  • Expanding your note-taking skills and study habits
  • Finding future study partners

But the best perk may be the opportunity to establish relationships with biology professors and fellow students. And don’t forget: Moving into your residence hall a week before other students is a nice perk too.



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