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Charles A. Cannon College of Arts and Sciences

At Wingate University, Communication majors take courses that help them sharpen their public speaking, mass, interpersonal and group communication skills. They prepare for careers in many forms of media, including broadcasting, public relations, digital communication and theatre. Communication skills are a must in most careers and this is the program for you to achieve those goals. Choose from one of four emphases; strategic communication, journalism, speech and theatre, or sports media.

A photo of Brazilian rapper and Wingate graduate, Fabio Brazza.

When I arrived at Wingate I already knew I wanted to be a rapper in Brazil. Before I went I almost gave up because I was so focused on the rap battles here. Wingate helped me to develop my rap skills and made me ready for the challenges I had when I decided to pursue my dream in Brazil. I learned about speech, persuasion, acting, philosophy, history, poetry, writing, and all kinds of communications. Many of my songs and poems I wrote because of those classes. I still cherish all the knowledge Wingate gave me. It impacted so much my art and helped to shape the artist I am today. Let's say that half of what I learned came from the streets of Brazil and the other half came from my experience at Wingate. What a rich experience by the way, I am forever grateful. ”


Wingate University graduate, Kristen Bartlett

My experience at Wingate was formative. I credit my professors in both the Communications and English departments with introducing me to new ideas, helping me grow as a writer, and setting me up for my career. I have the best memories of studying poetry with Dr. Sylvia Little-Sweat, news writing with Dr. Keith Cannon, and prose with Dr. Taura Napier. Wingate's faculty is world class.

A graphic of alum Jack Horn and a quote from him.

Wingate was a big help for my future. I wasn’t completely sure what I wanted to do for a career when I showed up on campus. But, through my studies and encouragement from my professors I realized my love for communicating visually through video and film.

I tell students to find what you love to do and go for it. Be a lifelong learner. Talk to your professors at Wingate. They are there to help. Pick their brains. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and try things out, and if you don’t like it, try something else.”

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A graphic of alum, Kim Deese Holt and a quote from her.

Wingate is where I developed my love for writing. I love working with reporters to hone their writing skills and to work with them specifically on scripts, because I love writing, and that came from Wingate, from Dr. Sylvia Little(-Sweat), from Rachel Walker. They really, really taught me about the power of the word, the power of the written word, the power of the spoken word. I take it all back to Wingate for that. Also, I didn’t see it at the time, but being editor of The Triangle set me up perfectly for being a newscast producer. It translated beautifully.”

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