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Core Curriculum


Wingate University’s General Education curriculum is for all undergraduate students, regardless of major. It provides students with a solid foundation of knowledge and essential skills, such as communication, problem solving, intercultural understanding, ethical deliberation, and wellness, which are transferable to a wide range of careers and life pathways. This curriculum reflects the mission and vision of Wingate University by helping students to develop the knowledge and faith perspectives they need to make valuable contributions to local, national, and global communities and employers.

Similar to most American universities, Wingate’s General Education curriculum  includes courses in science, social sciences, math, English, literature, fine arts, second languages, and health and wellness, but it also has some unique features to help students to understand their lives in a global context, to succeed in college, and to experience learning around a great variety of topics of personal interest.

The Global Perspectives Core

A key element of our General Education curriculum is The Global Perspectives Core, which is designed to prepare our undergraduates to thrive in the 21st century world. Through four innovative courses, students deepen their understanding of people from diverse cultures with whom they will work, whether they live in Union county, Charlotte, another state, or another country. Global Perspectives courses help students to understand the wider picture of how global economic, political, cultural, and social forces shape their own lives and future careers. The Global Perspectives Core is made up of three categories: Religion (1 course), History (1 course), and Global Perspectives electives (2 courses). See the complete list at the bottom of this page. Click here for more information about Global Perspectives courses.

Second Languages

Language study immerses you in another culture in a way that other courses of study cannot achieve while enhancing your communication skills. Wingate offers Spanish, French, German, and American Sign Language.

University Foundations

One Dog 101
One Dog 101 is a one-credit course required for first-time college students in their first semester. It helps them to navigate college life and academics, develop their time-management and study skills, develop personal and professional integrity and relationship skills, and explore career pathways. Click here to learn more about One Dog 101.

College Writing (English 110)
Hone your writing skills in this 3-credit course that focuses on writing and research skills to give you a strong foundation for your academic and professional writing. 

Wingate’s wide variety of literature classes offers options for many interests, from British and American authors with whom you might have some familiarity to more specialized courses (such as Science Fiction or Irish literature) that might take you into the unknown.

Social Sciences
Learn about human behavior in a Psychology, Sociology, Criminal Justice, Human Services, or Political Science class. No matter your major and professional goals, the insights into human and community behavior and motivations that the Social Sciences offer will strengthen your own thought processes and perceptions.

Courses in the sciences and mathematics strengthen your logical and analytical thought and provide a long-term foundation for engaging in the many facets of science and mathematics that we encounter every day. 

Human wellness has many facets, and this requirement reflects this diversity. Whether you are learning about nutrition or how to manage stress, you will take away information that will assist you in a lifetime of wellness. Click here for more information about Wellness courses.

Fine Arts
Tap into your creative side with a course in music, art, theatre, or creative writing. Click here for more information about Fine Arts courses.

Lyceum Program
The Lyceum Program provides students with hundreds of events, workshops, and other experiences to experience learning and personal growth outside the classroom. Students attend a minimum of 24 events in the broad categories of faith, academic lecture, fine arts, and personal and professional growth. Click here to learn more about the Lyceum Program.

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