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Criminal Justice

Charles A. Cannon College of Arts and Sciences

Criminal justice can be an active field, which is why Wingate University offers a hands-on learning environment. In fact, to earn your degree you’re required to complete an internship worth four credit hours. This internship provides you with the insight needed to map your career in criminal justice, whether it’s with the government, military or a law firm. It also gives you valuable field experience that looks great on your résumé. The dynamic learning doesn’t stop there. Our criminal justice department hosts an annual Lyceum on hot-topic issues such as gun control and sex trafficking. In addition, criminal justice majors have the opportunity to:

  • Ride along with police officers
  • Work with campus public safety
  • Work with courts and public assistance agencies

With hands-on education and a low student-faculty ratio, it’s no wonder this program is growing steadily, or that our department was recently awarded accolades from the Board of Visitors.

Criminal Justice Overview

My Wingate education will help me make a difference in my community because it has made me more patient, open-minded, flexible and has taught me how to deal with adversity.Taylor Barker, Class of 2020, Criminal Justice Major, Honors College

Criminal Justice in the News


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