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Elementary Education

Thayer School of Education

Are you one in a million? The country needs nearly 70 million new teachers by 2030 to meet the demands and goals of education in America.

Answer the call to teach.

The Elementary Education major seeks to equip you with the skills necessary to effectively mentor children in their early educational journey. In doing so, you will learning the skills needed to teach grades K-6.

4+1 Master of Arts in Elementary Education

The streamlined approach of the Thayer School of Education’s 4 + 1 program eliminates the need for two separate schools and six or more years of study. You’ll earn a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education in four years, followed by an intensive one-year program to earn your Master of Arts in Elementary Education degree. With field experiences embedded in each graduate course, the hands-on experiences from your first four years continue without a hitch.

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Dr. Brie Leggat Johnson