Modern Languages

It’s true. Professionals who speak two languages earn on average a 2-3% wage premium, according to research published by Harvard and MIT in Freakonomics.

New findings published in Brain and Language suggest bilingualism enables the brain to multitask and make decisions more efficiently.

At Wingate University, you not only learn to speak a second language, you’ll apply it directly to your major.


Language courses are capped at 22 students. This small-group experience gives you in-depth practical and cultural understanding.

Outside of class, accelerate your learning with one-on-one tutoring and supplemental instruction sessions. Our language lab features technologies for language immersion and conversational tutoring.


Wingate University offers minors in:

  • French: Spoken in 51 countries, it’s a natural companion to the study of international politics, art, design and finance.
  • Spanish: As the second most widely spoken language in the world, including more than 37 million Americans, Spanish is useful if you’re pursuing medicine, law, social service, education or business.

The academic catalog also outlines beginner and intermediate courses available in:

  • American Sign Language: American Sign Language (ASL) is a complete, complex language that uses signs made by moving the hands, facial expressions and postures of the body. It is the primary language used by many people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.
  • Arabic: This memorization-driven language is a good choice if you are interested in politics, engineering, history or journalism.
  • Chinese (Mandarin): More than 1 billion people, including Facebook entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg, speak this nuanced language that is at the forefront of business and global development.
  • German: A strong thread in Western history and business worldwide, this language is a good addition to the study of finance and international policy.
  • Portuguese: The fifth most spoken language in the world, Portuguese is a smart choice if you’re interested in working in Brazil or within major international organizations.


Imagine discussing headlines on BBC Chinese Service in Mandarin, or helping new Latino immigrants prepare their taxes or access health care.

Many Wingate University language courses include study abroad, an internship or a service learning component that immerses you in practical application of your foreign language. Students interested in an immersive experience for Spanish might be interested in our Costa Rica summer program.  Those interested in French can take advantage of our Quebec Immersion Program.

Our academic advisers are happy to find the right program fit for you.


Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Music Education degrees require second language study through the elementary level. Bachelor of Arts degrees require completion through the intermediate level (four semesters).

Previous language study may mean you can start at an advanced level:

  • AP credits
  • CLEP credits
  • Language placement testing: Schedule with the Department of English and Modern Languages.  

No matter what language you choose, becoming bilingual as part of your Wingate University education builds your credentials as a global citizen.