Human Services Degree Program


Our human services major introduces you to the many rewarding jobs in public outreach. Because our faculty marries psychology and sociology, you develop many interpersonal skills, including communication, leadership and cross-cultural understanding. These skills transfer readily to the workforce for jobs in public relations, rehabilitation or non-profit organizations. You could also pursue graduate studies in counseling, social work, criminology, ministry or psychology.

We want you to be prepared with real-life experience when you enter the job market. That’s why every student majoring in human services participates in a practicum. Your 100-hour practicum is an internship giving you work experience in:

  • Autism support services
  • Community shelters
  • Domestic violence facilities
  • School counseling centers



Human services majors at Wingate earn either a BS or BA degree. Students may also minor in human services. 

Human Services Four Year Plan

The Four Year Academic Plans are standard templates for how a degree can be completed in eight (8) consecutive Fall & Spring semesters.  There is varying flexibility in the exact course sequence depending upon individual student circumstances, major curriculum and course availability.  Students should consult with their Faculty Advisor for course sequencing, degree planning and other considerations.  Students are ultimately responsible for their degree planning.

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