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International Business Degree Program

Porter B. Byrum School of Business 


An international business career enables you to travel around the world, interact with high-level clients, and shape organizational outcomes. It’s a career that cuts through
complex intercultural issues—helping you make a lasting impact on global organizations all while positioning yourself for professional advancement.

With a growing world economy, many corporations have offices overseas and are looking for international business employees, such as management and financial analysts, marketing managers, HR professionals, and executives.

These companies include, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, BMW, Daimler, Nike, Chanel, Bank of America, UPS, IKEA, Wells Fargo, Netflix, and many others.

You will be well-positioned for a multitude of careers by being able to appreciate the dynamics of how to work cross-culturally. By studying for a career in international business, you are preparing yourself for the world of the future.

In-demand international business careers are:

  • Management analyst creating new ways of improving and organization’s efficiency
  • Marketing manager balancing a competitive business strategy with a creative vision
  • Executive overseeing company goals, policies, and procedures across international divisions.
  • Human resource manager managing workforce diversity, regulatory environment, and training and professional development on a global scale.
  • Financial analyst producing reports, guide investment activities, and developing strategic planning to support the long-term financial goals of the company

The Porter B. Byrum School of Business is ranked #2 out of 27 in NC, and #45 out of 711 nationally (top 10%), in College Factual's "Best for the Money" category