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Mathematics Degree Program


When you major in math at Wingate, you take 32 hours of math courses that cover topics including differential equations, statistics and abstract algebra.


Hands-on education in the field awaits you too. Internships provide you with practical experience while you’re still in college. The Office of Career Services and the American Mathematical Society can point you to internship opportunities in math. Conducting undergraduate research gives you the chance to deeply examine a math-related topic of your choice. Recent students have researched fractals and the expected value of casino roulette. Internships and research can make your graduate school application or résumé stand out.


  • Financial analyst
  • Forensic accountant
  • Insurance statistician
  • Investment banker
  • Software developer

Our graduates go into fields as diverse as teaching, business and engineering. The math major also gives you a solid foundation to pursue graduate school. Since our campus is a short drive from Charlotte, one of the largest financial centers in the country, you’re close to jobs and internships. And your math professors’ top priority is helping you prepare for the career you want.


Mathematics majors at Wingate earn either a BS or BA degree. Students may also minor in mathematics. 

Mathematics Four Year Plan

The Four Year Academic Plans are standard templates for how a degree can be completed in eight (8) consecutive Fall & Spring semesters.  There is varying flexibility in the exact course sequence depending upon individual student circumstances, major curriculum and course availability.  Students should consult with their Faculty Advisor for course sequencing, degree planning and other considerations.  Students are ultimately responsible for their degree planning.