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Music Minor

A minor in music totals 18 credit hours from the following:

Required Minor Courses Credit

MUS 217: Theory I

3 credits

MUS 238: Ear Training I

1 credit

Choose 1 from the following:

MUS 356, 357, or 358: Music History
MUS 413: Silenced Voices
MUS 490: Special Topics (when offers historical context)

2-3 credits


Ensemble Requirements for Minor Credit

Must Participate in 2 semesters of an ensemble:

MUS: 103 University Singers
MUS 107: Wind Ensemble
MUS 108: Athletic Bands
MUS 109: Gospel Choir
MUS 113: Chamber Ensemble
MUS 119: Cantar
MUS 140: Viva Voce

2 credits


Elective Requirement for Minor Credit

Electives may include any music courses 100-level or above. Here are some suggested options, although there are many others to choose from.

  • Primary/Secondary Instrument Study Piano or Guitar Classes
  • Music Theory II-IV Ear Training II-IV
  • Special Topics Course(s) Additional Ensembles

9-10 credits